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Mobile-Cell-Phone Nokias new N8 smartphone is providing users with choices straight of the shelf; it .es in a wide range of vibrant colours and Nokia have hooked it up with a number of messaging options and social networking tools. The device is application based and access to the Ovi Store allows users to build up there own collection. The most prominent feature is the very bright 3.5 inch AMOLED screen which can re-produce over 16 million colours in a pixel resolution of 360 x 640. The scratch resistant screen is capacitive so it utilises the multi-touch input method and has an in-built accelerometer for UI auto-rotate. The phones main .ponents are protected by anodized aluminium casing which is both smooth and strong. The new Symbian ^3 OS runs perfectly smooth on the N8 and provides a gorgeous interface to interact with. The home screen is packed with information and can be customized to feature shortcuts in the form of animated widgets. The Nokia N8 is loaded with connectivity, you get; Class 33 EDGE/GPRS for data network coverage, 2G and 3G network coverage and 802.11b/g/n Wi Fi technology. So accessing and surfing the web is generally a speedy process and with the browser supporting multi-touch and bookmarks it is a very pleasant experience too. Nokia has also allowed the N8 to .municate with .patible hardware devices via Bluetooth or microUSB. A built-in A-GPS is supported by Ovi Maps and additional maps can be downloaded via the Ovi Store. The phone has some pre-loaded games, but more can be downloaded and support for FM radio is standard. Users can enjoy live chats over a number of clients including Ovi Chat, Yahoo!, MySpace and Gtalk. IM is not the only thing which the N8 covers though as users can also integrate there e-mail inboxes with the phone so they are never far away from there mail. SMS can be viewed as a conversation; MMS is also supported along with audio messaging. Social networking is a big part of the N8 experience with integrated feeds streamed direct to the home screen and dedicated apps for handheld account management. The 12MP camera is one of the best in its class and boasts some pretty classy Carl Zeiss optics for good measure. A Xenon flash and AF have been thrown into the mix to give users the best opportunity to capture some truly great imagery. Video can be filmed in 720p HD quality while sharing your work is possible with the likes of Facebook and YouTube being .patible. Nokia have equipped the N8 with a highly capable multimedia player which is adept to playing numerous types of video and audio files, on top of the already impressive 16GB of internal memory, users can upgrade to an additional 32GB via microSD card. A 3.5mm audio jack makes headphone use possible while the phone is Flash Lite 4.0 .patible so basic flash media will not trouble the N8. Nokia have impressed with this phone; it is there highest spec effort so far, but you get the feeling this is just the beginning of a new era for the Finnish .munications giants. The Nokia N8 is the best handset currently in Nokias stable, but I am sure there will be more on the horizon. About the Author: By: Neeraj Rathoure – Selling your cell phone is synonymous to saving the environment, making a couple of bucks, and simply getting rid of historical electronics which are, good useless to you. However before you go browsing and promote that cell, you will have to read and rent a few easy, however fundamental tip … By: Jemma Barsby – Mobile phones are definitely the one thing that has made the most of our lives. Starting from a device of mere .munication it has evolved to be the best possible device that can actually be called the better half of ours in true terms. By: Jemma Barsby – Mobile phones are one of the most essential things in our lives these days. 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