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Hunan, a girl died after being drunk on suspicion of rape prosecutors filing review-yo te amo

A drunken girl died after Hunan is suspected of rape prosecution case review – Beijing May 12, 2016, Hunan Phoenix eighteen year old girl Pei Pei, in the school near the hotel drunken died a year later, Hunan province Changsha Changsha County Procuratorate issued a no indictment, identified with Pei Pei in the room that night the king of the alleged rape on fact finding is unclear, insufficient evidence, Wang made the decision not to prosecute. This is not an indictment that Pei Pei family does not accept the complaint and, in August 5th, Changsha city procuratorate bulletin, said the case was already. So why did Changsha County procuratorate Wang made a decision not to prosecute? This is the fact that the evidence is not clear, and where? Died in the hotel with her mother died before the call did not die Pei Pei, May 6, 2015, Hunan, Career Technical College, 18 year old freshman Pei Pei did not go to school as usual. 7 morning, an ambulance rushed to the school near the five Xiao Hotel, in the 8402 room, rushed to the emergency doctors found lying in bed, Pei Pei has lost vital signs, at seven fifty-nine, the doctor alarm. There was the presence of Pei Pei students Wang three people. According to Pei Pei’s mother recalled that she and her daughter’s last call is the day before the incident in the afternoon, when they did not find any strange daughter. Pei Pei mother Huang: we are still more than 5 p.m.. She said, mom, you give me 100 dollars, I’ll give you Dazhang. At that time I said, wait a second, I give you the bank transfer, she said good. After BYJ didn’t reply to her information. Pei Pei’s mother introduced her daughter is a student cadre, responsible for Discipline Inspection, usually are busy, not to care, to 10 o’clock in the evening, she began to call her micro channel, but has not received a reply. Then, Pei Pei mother texted her students the same bedroom Xiaofang, did not respond to. Until second days in the morning, at the end of the day, Pei mother received a school counselor’s phone, rushed to the school to know that her daughter has passed away, and then a few days is her birthday of 19 years old, and she is only a few days later, the first day of the birth of her mother’s birthday, she said that her daughter had died. The relationship with the roommate man monitoring the truth then on the evening of May 5th, what Pei Pei experienced? Why did she die at a hotel near the school? Wang Pei Pei and what is the relationship? According to the equivalent of the presence of a few students inquiry transcripts and video surveillance, Pei Pei’s mother found some fragments of truth. In May 5, 2015 9 at night, the noise of the day gradually subsided, the curtain of night life has just opened, located in Hunan Province, Career Technical College Front Gate Shao Wuda before the stall racket, diners in knots gathered here, near the convenience store business has become better students, small? From the convenience store to buy eight bottles of 52 Shaoyang wine. To stall. The students one hour to drink half a catty liquor recall according to several students of police record records, on that day, Wang Xiaowei, small? Three boys and two girls, Fang Pei Pei meet here to supper. After a while, my classmates are small.相关的主题文章:

The U.S. traced funded Nihon University laser technology research said the legal practice-sopor aeternus

U.S. Nihon University laser technology research funding was traced to the practices of legal data figure: U.S. Navy installed in the "Pons" warship on the laser weapon prototype original title: to build a super weapon! The US military funded Nihon University laser technology research reference news network August 25 news media said, it is reported that in the U.S. since 2013 3 years, to the Osaka University Center for the study of laser energy provides $270 thousand (about 30 million yen) of funds. Prior to this, the U.S. military has provided more than two hundred million yen to Japan’s universities, etc.. From the new disclosure of laser technology research fees can be seen, the United States is very concerned about the development of weapons in the most high-end areas. According to Japan’s "Tokyo news" reported on August 28, not to engage in military research is the attitude of the Japanese academic conference, the researchers have been relatively cautious to accept military funding related institutions. However, the U.S. funds provided there is no legal problem, Osaka University in an interview said in response, "is to study fee scholarship grants has been received, according to the school rules, to fulfill the necessary formalities". U.S. military admitted to the Osaka University to provide funding. Generally speaking, the United States will receive a report on the results of the study, but how to use the results of the U.S. military did not disclose. According to Japan’s "Tokyo news" 28 reported on August that the U.S. military is using laser technology to develop weapons. In the 3 years since 2013, Osaka University has provided a total of $270 thousand in research funding. Allegedly, laser technology if practical, not only low cost, but also to accurately hit the target, play a revolutionary performance". Defense Ministry said that Japan is also studying the use of laser technology for missile interception system. According to U.S. military sites and U.S. media reports, the U.S. military is expected to be the latest in 2020 or so, the actual combat deployment of laser weapons. The laser weapon, which does not use shells and missiles, costs about $1 per launch. The U.S. government is cutting its defense spending because of its huge budget deficit. The US military seems to be the low-cost laser weapons as the next generation of combat effectiveness. "This revolutionary and extremely inexpensive technology may change the way we fight," the U.S. Naval Academy said".相关的主题文章:

Chinese official boat for 4 years, a total of 168 times the Diaoyu Islands cruise pressure – Sohu Mi-www.b

4 years Chinese official boat cruise fishing island 168 times Japan Alexander – Sohu military channel page first: Japan’s illegal nationalization of Fishing Island 4 anniversary [Abstract] the Japanese government in 2012 regardless of China’s opposition, has insisted on the implementation of the illegal "nationalization" of the Diaoyu Islands, to 11 full 4 anniversary. During this period, China has a total of 168 times the official boat into the sea of 12. "Yomiuri Shimbun" was released in September 11, 2015 reported that, in view of China often sent ships into the Diaoyu Islands and surrounding waters cruise, the Japanese government felt pressure alexander". 31101 coast guard ship is the original border police largest tonnage and the highest in technology and the most advanced equipment of the kiloton border patrol ship Pudong ship, with a displacement of 1617.5 tons, with a helicopter platform deck, equipped with shipborne motorboats and guns, machine guns, water cannons and other advanced weapon system. Japan said coast guard patrol boat 11 found 4 ship Chinese maritime police vessel on the Diaoyu Islands 12 sea cruise, including carrying suspected cannon " police 31101". Figure 31101 coast guard ship. Global network reported: Japan’s eleventh District of Naha maritime security headquarters said in September 11th, the Japan Coast Guard patrol boat in the morning more than 10 found 4 ship Chinese maritime police vessel on the Diaoyu Islands cruise 12 nautical miles, about 1.5 hours after entering 12 miles outside the contiguous zone. The Japanese government in 2012 despite China’s opposition, insisted on the Diaoyu Islands illegal nationalization since the 11 day has been full of the anniversary of 4. During this period, China has a total of 168 times the official boat into the sea of 12. According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported on September 11th, this is the 12 time since 2016, Chinese official boat into the Diaoyu Islands in the sea of twenty-seventh, the last time in August 21st. Director of Asia Oceania Bureau of the Japanese Ministry of foreign affairs Kimsugi Kenji calls the Chinese embassy protest said, "this is a violation of sovereignty, the Japanese firm can not be allowed". According to the provincial sources, China has refuted and stressed that the Diaoyu Islands are China’s inherent territory. Kyodo news agency said that in view of the so-called Diaoyu Islands nationalization policy implemented to 11 anniversary of the introduction of the 4, the Japanese government believes that China’s activities in the surrounding waters may become active, thus strengthening the alert. According to the sea of Japan, the 4 ships were "coastguard 2102", "coastguard 2337", "coastguard 2401" and equipped with suspected cannon "coastguard 31101". Japan’s maritime security agency in April 2016 to improve the 10, including the 1500 ton patrol boats, etc.". However, in August there was a record high of 15 Chinese official boat sailing in the vicinity of the Diaoyu Islands, activities are increasingly active. Extended reading: Japan announced Chinese 16 cruise ship 7 ship Fishing Island (map) China a gun police boat carrying guns cruise fishing island waters formation page second: China exposure team official cruise ship 12 miles 168 times the Japanese Ministry of foreign affairs and maritime security department website issued a so-called apparent position in the home "Chinese official ship in the waters surrounding the Senkaku Islands and Chinese fishing.相关的主题文章:

Han Tongsheng love forever launched by Dad – Sohu today on-line entertainment-alienware m17x

Han Tongsheng "love forever" launched by Sohu Han Tongsheng Entertainment – Dad today launched "love forever" with actor Han Tongsheng Jin Zhiyang Sohu Entertainment Tonight, directed by Liu Xin, Han Tongsheng, Kaili Zhang, Liu Tao, Huang Jue, Ye Zuxin starred in the drama "love city emotional wanwansui" was formally launched in Zhejiang satellite TV, to meet with the audience. Han Tongsheng Kaili Zhang’s two starred together couples, this is not only about the marriage problems of children, the two old people "love test" has been put on the agenda, the National Father on the line again, but has become a stubborn "henpecked", very exciting. This "love" live from the relaxed perspective, with humorous language, realistic yet wonderful way to Han Tongsheng’s "old gold" a life to the audience weiweidaolai. Compared to the past many urban drama, the drama chose chapteraims at the two generations of the family’s emotional life, even in the old two emotional entanglements and the problems encountered, the wonderful degree is not inferior to the younger generation, which is also in the aging population Chinese of modern, will be a new attempt in reality in the works, Han Tongsheng as a "Dad had menopause", "lion grandpa" interpretation of penetrating the old play bone, this will be in the "love" in the ages of turned a "henpecked" Dad, but inherent different TV drama viewers of "henpecked" yes he played this impression. Old Kim did intend for their "struggle", the things began to get out of hand, which also interspersed second daughter and 90, his son flash marriage, no problem To solve the problem of children have followed, the old king of this wonderful life of the elderly can be seen. This "national dad" new sail for the new Zhejiang TV 19:33 in the evening with the national audience, Han Tongsheng Kaili Zhang’s two collaboration will wipe out what kind of spark, and strive to "fight" by the father will encounter what challenges, Han Tongsheng tonight with you Be There Or Be Square, one by one mystery.相关的主题文章:

Hu Ge long Thanksgiving was killed in a car accident the fans recall former assistant entertainment -candle june

Hu Ge long Thanksgiving was killed in a car accident the fans recall former Assistant – Sohu micro-blog entertainment screenshot Hu Ge (map) Sohu entertainment news November 11th night, Hu Ge sent a long Thanksgiving remembrance of fans, former assistant Zhang Mian died in a car accident. Hu Ge wrote: "micro-blog said twelve years is a cycle, this year is" brother Gu Yue "is the tenth year of fate, my ashes, at this moment to express my gratitude to you, I want you here and look at the future belongs to us." Hu Ge also recalled ten years ago, and he was in a car accident, but was killed in a car accident assistant Zhang Mian. August 2006, Hu Ge unfortunate accident, with the car assistant Zhang crown accident. Hu Ge said: "if the crown in the world, she should have a wife and mother! With her master of Beijing Normal University film school degree in business must also great! But she eventually left, ten years later, I will be the same as she imagined it? I’m not sure, I don’t want to. The crown is one of the most optimistic girl, and her work together is always the light of heart from care. This feeling seems to be very far away from me, through the ups and downs of up to today, have tasted the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, the results look very beautiful." Following is the full text: micro-blog 12 years ago today, online shopping has not been popular, singles are yet to be named in November 11th, only a small part of the festival that day, "Gu Yue brother" website was formally established, my fans have a shelter, but in my life, from this more than a special blue. Because I love blue since childhood, pepper appeal to me, will be defined as fans will be the official blue color, it is a happy thing for me, as long as one day rise, can feel you. Some people say that company is the most long love, you and I together through the 12 years, I have experienced career and life a lot of heat and cold, you like the sea and the sky, inclusive of my boat, the wind. I am glad to have chosen the actor of this occupation, in addition to flowers and applause, but also let me harvest such a lovely group of partners. Because you are my character come to my world, come into my life, you may not have seen me, but the troubles of the world, in order to protect me, and at others was flushed and in order to make me all night on the network, even if only because I am a little concerned about the life rush about telling the news around spreading performance. On the spot, the cause of the fire, let me go today. 12 years, great changes have taken place in the world, the Internet takes life, virtual and reality is no longer quite distinct from each other, but in my eyes, you will always be that a clear blue, a blue mist to the remotest corners of the globe. My this feeling comes from so many years together, from me to your knowledge and understanding, from the major life from the node, even if I shed the actor’s aura, you never left the friendship. 13 years – 14 years, I went to the stage, I rarely screen works, blue house 1相关的主题文章: