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The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region tea party Chen Quanguo speech – Eid al AdhA; local leader-avbox

The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region tea party   Chen Quanguo speech – Eid al AdhA; local leaders — original title: Autonomous Region Party held a traditional festival of the Muslims of Eid al AdhA Eid al AdhA and Chinese traditional festival the Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Today (September 10th) morning, the autonomous region in 2016, Eid al AdhA tea party held at the Yingbin Hotel in Xinjiang, on behalf of all walks of life have a joyous gathering to celebrate the festive season. Autonomous Region Party Secretary, first secretary, the first political commissar of the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps Chen Quanguo published ebullience speech, on behalf of the regional party committee and government, to extend my good wishes to the Muslim masses of all ethnic groups in the region, with good wishes to the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups and all concerned to support the work of Xinjiang people from all walks of life. A cup of tea, sweet words unity sentiment. Today the Xinjiang Yingbin Hotel Conference Center warmth deep, everywhere permeated with a festive atmosphere of joy and harmony. The tea party, country and other regional leaders and our representatives shook hands and exchanged greetings. Vice secretary of municipal Party committee, chairman of the autonomous region Xuekelaiti SAKEL presided over the meeting?. The autonomous region and the Corps leadership is yoriki? Sen, Abdulman Kim, Sun Jinlong, Nordland? Zhu Hailun, Huang Wei, Shawkati, Xiong Xuanguo, Xu Hairong, Ming? Hanibati? Li Xuejun, Ma Xuejun, Sabu, Peng Jiarui, Liu Xinqi attended the tea party. Chen Quanguo said in his speech, the CPC Central Committee has always attached great importance to the work of Xinjiang, given special care. 60 years since the peaceful liberation of Xinjiang, great changes have taken place in the north and south of the Tianshan mountains. Especially of the party since eighteen, with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee to work in Xinjiang referred to the strategic height of hitherto unknown, given special support hitherto unknown, effectively promote the cause of Xinjiang has made considerable progress, and has laid the solid foundation for social stability and long period of stability in Xinjiang. These achievements with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and the strong leadership, loving care results, is the people of all ethnic groups, the selfless support of support, Xinjiang cadres and masses of all ethnic groups together, the result of hard work, you need to cherish, continuing. Chen Quanguo said, with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee on the work of Xinjiang high hopes, made a clear request. With Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the work of Xinjiang, general secretary Xi Jinping personally visited Xinjiang and chaired the second central work conference in Xinjiang made an important speech, situation, strategizing, party and national enterprise development, two international and domestic situation, scientific analysis of the situation in Xinjiang, Xinjiang work expounded a a series of major theoretical and practical issues, identified by our party in the new situation of Xinjiang governance strategy, the social stability and the overall goal of the work of Xinjiang’s long period of stability, and pointed out the direction for further work of Xinjiang provides a fundamental and powerful force to follow. Chen Quanguo said, with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee strong leadership, we are confident of the future of Xinjiang. With Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee on the work of Xinjiang’s fundamental policy has been set, the key is to implement. In the face of Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the party相关的主题文章:

The mainland experts on Hongkong The Belt and Road opportunity to break the bottleneck of developmen-zhongguorentiyishu

The mainland experts on Hongkong "The Belt and Road opportunity: to break the bottleneck of development – Beijing, Beijing in August 29, (Dong Xue) since the country put forward the" The Belt and Road "initiative," The Belt and Road "has become hot words of all walks of life in Hongkong. Recently, the Hongkong SAR chief executive Liang Zhenying said at the Hongkong friendship association activities, the central government to support Hongkong to participate in the national open and two-way "The Belt and Road construction, encourage the cooperation between Hongkong and mainland enterprises to explore overseas markets, providing new impetus for the long-term development of Hongkong. In the new period of expanding and opening up, the author puts forward the idea of building "Silk Road Economic Zone" and "maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century". What is the significance of Hongkong? How will Hongkong play a unique role in this grand new strategy? Experts in reporters said, "Hongkong is an important node in The Belt and Road construction, seize the great opportunities for development, combining the advantages and the national strategy will not only make unique contribution to the country will make its economic take-off again" in the broader arena". Wind through the policy breakthrough the bottleneck of the development of trade and logistics, tourism, business and professional services and finance are the four pillar industries of Hongkong, as Hongkong was among the "East Asian Tigers" martial arts masterpiece "". With the development of the world economic situation, the traditional advantages of Hongkong are also facing challenges. How strain Bureau, the development of new Bureau, Hongkong economy in recent years has become a serious problem can not be avoided. "Belt and Road Initiative" will construct with global value of Modern Economic Cooperation Corridor, Hongkong industrial added value, can be found out vibrant way remodeling competitiveness. Vice president, Research Institute of the National Research Council comprehensive development of Hong Kong and Macao (Chinese? Shenzhen) executive vice president Guo Wanda said, "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative will provide greater market and broader stage for the economic development of Hongkong. "Belt and Road Initiative" through Asia, Europe and Africa more economic circle, in order to achieve the policy communication facilities, Unicom, trade flow, capital circulation, the people connected to the five "for the purpose. According to incomplete statistics, along the country and the region’s total population of about 4 billion 400 million, the total economy of about $21 trillion, accounting for about 63% of the world and about 29%. Especially the "The Belt and Road" by many emerging economies and developing countries, the market potential should not be underestimated, can become a fertile ground for Hongkong industry development "". Guo Wanda believes that the former Hongkong and Europe and other developed countries the market closely, "The Belt and Road along many emerging economies, will provide greater development stage for Hongkong. In addition, the integration of Hongkong and the mainland market will deepen and strengthen. "The Belt and Road vision" clearly pointed out, Shenzhen Qianhai, Guangzhou Nansha to deepen, Zhuhai Hengqin and Fujian areas such as Pingtan and Hong Kong and Macao cooperation, build Hong Kong and Macao Bay area. Foreign trade university professor Hua Xiaohong said, "Belt and Road Initiative" is a mechanism for inline extension, Hongkong’s role is not only reflected in the mainland market will help to "go out" or "Introduction". Cooperation between Hongkong and the mainland provinces and cities, FTA will also take this opportunity to deepen and strengthen, so as to jointly explore the international market. Professional service industry.相关的主题文章:

China issued a safety notice no fly zone or China’s anti missile test-crycry

China issued a safety notice in a no fly zone or China again anti missile test original title: civil aviation safety notice display Chinese recently or in Xinjiang for the anti missile test according to the Chinese Civil Aviation Air Traffic Management Bureau sponsored "Flight Information Service Center released safety information, September 20th, over the western part of China, including Korla anti missile test field near prohibit civil aircraft into the airspace. According to the map drawn from the user’s point of view, with a few times before the anti missile test conducted in our country to ban the flight ban similar. In addition, in September 22nd there was a ban on air navigation over the northwest region, from the shape of the no fly zone may be inferred ballistic missile test. It is speculated that China’s recent anti missile interception test and ballistic missile test. According to the flight information service center website prohibited notice: September 20th morning between 1:20-2:00 and 2:20-3:30, 7 Safety notices designated no fly zone effect, according to the order, the situation is as follows: the green box on the flight time from 1:20-2:00, red box flight time from 2:20-3:30, yellow lines it lasted from 1:20 to 3:30. In September 22nd, navigation information center once again issued a two prohibition against air force designated no fly zone, between 2:07-2:47 designated no fly zone position are as follows: the red line to fly range can be seen from the map of September 20th designated the important "endpoint" no fly zone is China’s Shanxi province and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Province, important change covers the Taiyuan satellite launch center and Korla anti missile test field of the test there is a concern, after the Chinese anti missile test target missile launch site is usually the Jiuquan satellite launch center, and this is put in the Taiyuan satellite launch center, which may mean that the target missile simulation range used in this experiment the incoming missiles. After the anti missile test prohibited area, visible from a target missile launched from the Jiuquan satellite launch center on September 22nd prohibited notice, from the no fly zone position, the launch site may be a Qinghai base, this is perhaps a ballistic missile test. American Federation of scientists website has reported on 2012, said China in Qinghai Province, near the base of the deployment of Dongfeng -31 or Dongfeng -31A intercontinental missile (). Inferred from the NOTAM destination location, September 20th in China may be carried out a missile interception test. The picture shows the red flag in the middle of the 19 china anti missile interceptor missile data. While the September 22nd test range may be within the territory of the Xinjiang autonomous region of a range, from launch to the range between the distance of about 1500 kilometers. From this information, it is possible that a high ballistic missile flight test. And in September 22nd the forbidden navigation division may be the reason for the ballistic missile test相关的主题文章:

Shen Teng and Ma Li repeated several times choked tears stage drama-kimi wo omou melodi

Shen Teng and Ma Li repeated several times choked tears in the stage drama Ma Li, Shen Teng (information) Sina entertainment news the evening of November 2nd, by Shen Teng [micro-blog] and Ma Li [micro-blog] starring drama "Wulongshan Earl" national tour last game in Beijing ended. Following last year’s "Sherlock" hot silver trouble behind the scenes, Shen Teng and Ma Li for the first time to return to the stage of twist. After the end of the show Shen Teng directly in the stage, several degrees sob, site responsible person also said happy twist: "as long as the audience love, not only not the theater curtain call, we will put it onto the big screen." That night, while ending the show, the CCTV Spring Festival evening is chicken language programs of the first instance. Shen Teng said to the media, has been invited to participate in the Spring Festival Gala, is currently preparing for the program. As of last night, happy National Tour "twist Wulongshan Earl" during the 53 days of the official draw the conclusion, the main 29 people, from south to north through 12 city, a total of 27 performances. "Half a minute applause, a minute a bursting point", let the play after 6 years to play an encore, become a classic. Shen Teng laments: "six years later, standing on the stage, I cherish, do not know when to play, when the audience to see us enough, we do not play." Shen Teng and Ma Li also promised to the audience, we will go to the movies, we will not leave the stage". Because of the film "Sherlock trouble" fire Shen Teng also said that after the screen show is full of freshness, but not deliberately looking for opportunities. "After the right to do, there is no right to let nature take its course. I have a higher demand for myself, if not, would rather not do, will wait." Ma Li regards the return stage as a kind of precipitation to himself: "the stage is our root, and then return to the stage is an evolution." Shen Teng also black humor from their own lines, children do not remember every day, often say the names of characters in the audience to spend a lot of time buckle lines. And this time, "the count of the Earl of the mountain," the master of the performance of clothing, but also his own special preparation for the design of Ma Li. Ma Li said: "we have done our best, we hope to bring a better work to everyone." Recently, happy twist second film "water" is on the donkey. Shen Teng evaluation of the film as: "very good-looking, different". Shen Teng believes that it is not easy to use the lens language to record this story and show it. Happy twist founder Zhang Chen also said that the future hopes to "Wulongshan Earl" also to the big screen. The closing show, CCTV is chicken year of Spring Festival Gala Evening trial. Shen Teng said to the media, has been invited to participate in the Spring Festival Gala, is currently preparing for the program. (the Nanyin Intern Jin Xiwen) (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章:

The northern winter haze or expert rely on people to have good weather in

The northern winter haze or expert: rely on people to have good weather forecast – Beijing Chinese Environmental Monitoring Center released today’s air quality, 4 days before the national holiday, Tianjin south central and Northern Henan with mild to moderate pollution, severe pollution may occur in some areas, the primary pollutant PM2.5. Although in the night of October 4th, the air quality will be improved with the arrival of cold air. In the air quality forecast consultation experts cautioned that, the National Day holiday may be the harbinger of pollution this year’s autumn and winter air pollution, to achieve the blue sky standards, have strong emission reduction. The atmosphere of the Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Wang Zifa said that many forecasting models have confirmed that the influence of El Nino, the autumn and winter of this year, China is expected to appear more southerly North characteristics, inversion of long time, static stability weather, the climate is not conducive to the diffusion of air, easy to cause the accumulation of pollution. Suggested that all localities should do a good job in advance early warning, increase the intensity of emission reduction. Monitoring data show that from January to August this year, Beijing, Tianjin and regional air quality continues to improve, the average concentration of regional PM2.5 59 micrograms cubic meters, down by 19.2%. In Beijing, for example, the first 8 months of PM2.5 average concentration of 63 micrograms cubic meters, down by 12.5%. This is very close to the State Council in 2013 issued the air pollution prevention action plan, the goal of Beijing in 2017 to achieve an average concentration of 60 micrograms of PM2.5 cubic meters. Department of environmental air pollution control official said that in January to August in Beijing over the average PM2.5 concentration decreased transcripts are closely related to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region is promoting the key industries clean coal bulk operations, coal and other remediation measures such as iron and steel. Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei provinces each year nearly 40 million tons of coal consumption, is an important source of atmospheric pollution in winter. From the beginning of this year, the three began in the urban and rural areas, villages and rural areas to promote the generation of electricity on behalf of coal to gas generation of coal, changed the north for a long time to cook with coal, heating habits. The first 8 months of data, and the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region coal alternative process for the realization of the goal of the blue sky to lay the foundation, but the experts worried that the subsequent impact of El Nino this year, may make the efforts of the year greatly reduced. Earlier this year, some experts have predicted that El Nino will lead to China’s Yangtze River Basin and other parts of the summer flood season, similar to the situation in 1998. In fact, this summer, the Yangtze River basin to really hit by torrential rain turns attacks. Wang Zifa said that although the 1998 El Nino phenomenon caused by the flood of the river so many people remember, but in winter, the subsequent impact on northern China also suffered Nino air cold, severe haze. At present the research model predicted that this winter in the north of our country still is inseparable from the impact of El Nino, there may be more southerly, calm weather, weather the more than and 3 characteristics of inversion. Wang Zifa further explained that if the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region south winds, air quality is often worse; the inversion layer is low, easily lead to Xin相关的主题文章: