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Visitors in August dropped eleven golden week reproduction scholars worry less than the net last yea-cashmere mafia

Visitors in August dropped eleven golden week reproduction scholars worry worse than last year – Beijing, Beijing, September 29, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reports, the summer is always the tourism season in July this year, the number of passengers was stabilized to rise, but the visitors in August and then decline, down 9.4% year-on-year, recorded 5 million 80 thousand passengers. Among them, the largest decline in mainland tourists, an annual decline of 11.3%, other markets have also recorded varying degrees of decline, only a slight increase in the remote area market by 0.7%. In the face of the industry downturn, eleven National Day golden week is expected to continue to blow the wind, some scholars worry that the eleven golden week will be worse than last year. Hongkong visitors fell for 14 months, but the decline narrowed significantly in July June, ushered in a rebound, but the end of August rally can not be sustained. Tourism Development Council 28 announced the latest figures, in August this year, the overall inbound passengers 5 million 80 thousand passengers, down 9.4%. Mainland visitors to the largest decline, down 11.3%, 4 million 37 thousand passengers; short haul regional market and new markets were down 1.7% and 8%, only long-distance passenger area market increased slightly by 0.7%. However, in the month of the non mainland market overnight travelers continued to grow, an increase of 2.2% year on year, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan recorded double-digit growth, respectively, an increase of 24.6%, 19.6%, and 13.2%. Hongkong Tourism Bureau spokesman said, in August the visitor numbers are affected by many different factors, including the beginning of a typhoon, a number of flights to and from Hongkong to cancel; the month less than the same period last year a weekend; the Olympic Games this month, some of the visitors choose to stay home to watch the games, travel opportunities to reduce. The spokesman stressed that the Council will continue in a number of tourist market, especially the market short, active promotion, and associated with tourism and related industries, launched specifically for the family and offers products for young consumers, hoping to attract more tourists. Hongkong tourism sector legislator Yao Sirong said that this year 6, in July there have been signs of recovery, but in August the visitor numbers are worse than expected, that is the need to observe individual questions. He said the eleven National Day Golden Week hotel reservation is not as expected, the overall hotel booking situation similar to last year, among the 1 next month to 5, the occupancy rate will be higher, up to 90%, but the golden week will be maintained at about 80%. He said that due to eleven holiday time up to 7 days, many passengers will choose the long line or Southeast Asia, the last is Hong Kong and macao. However, there will be a Halloween, Hongkong food and Wine Festival, Formula E, a series of activities that help to attract tourists especially short haul markets, the surrounding areas of Guangdong province. Hongkong Institute of Vocational Education (Huang Kejing) Hotel, service and tourism department senior lecturer Huang Jiarong said that visitor numbers decline has stabilized, but the mainland visitors in August used to choose long-term itinerary, have an impact on the tourism industry in Hongkong; and not only mainland tourists consumption patterns change, many people will avoid the golden Week travel peak golden week, estimates the overall situation no longer gold, even less than last year. He estimates that this year the overall visitor numbers will be recorded)相关的主题文章:

South Korean Defense Minister have the ability to intercept Russian missile combat

South Korean Defense Minister: have the ability to intercept missile Reference News Network September 22nd Russian combat sadean reported Russian media said the South Korean Defense Minister Han Minqiu said in September 21st, if China or Russian combat deployment in South Korea’s "Sade" system, South Korea has the ability to intercept missile. According to the Russian satellite network reported on September 21st, Sade system plans to deploy in Korea in 2017. Yonhap quoted the Korean people for saying: "if China or Russian missile attack on South Korea, of course to intercept them." He said he was referring to the de Sade system to intercept. Han Minqiu pointed out: "the system is necessary to safeguard the security of South Korea, even if China and Russia are against or have economic problems." Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va said earlier, the United States deployed "Sade" system in the south area decision will further complicate the situation, but also beyond the scope of the task to curb North korea. Reported that the "Sade" system call "the terminal high altitude area defense system, can intercept short-range missiles outside the atmosphere, because the North Korea ballistic missile tests and decided to increase the number of deployed" Sade "system in our country. South Korea’s Ministry of Defense said, Sade’s anti missile range of not more than 200 km. A "Sade" system is worth more than $1 billion, consisting of a TPY-2 TM anti missile radar, 6 launchers and 48 missiles with a range of up to 300 km. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章:

Environmental Protection Department of the North Korean nuclear test has yet to China environmental -瀬名アスカ

The Ministry of environmental protection: North Korea’s nuclear test has yet to impact – Politics – in Beijing in September 12, according to the Ministry website news Chinese environmental and public health, for the fifth nuclear test in September 9th North Korea North Hamgyong Gilju Fenxi of the environmental protection department in conjunction with the health and family Planning Commission, the Ministry of water resources, China Earthquake Administration, China the weather bureau, military police departments, on the same day at 8:35 (Orange) started two emergency response units, and Jilin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Shandong and Zhejiang provinces to carry out a comprehensive northeast border and the surrounding areas of radiation environmental emergency monitoring, artificial radionuclide sampling analysis and technical analysis. As of September 12th 9, the northeast border and the surrounding area real time continuous automatic monitoring stations of air absorbed dose rate as well as Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Shandong province 3 38 radiation environment 3 vehicles mobile monitoring survey of air absorbed dose rate monitoring data are in the bottom of the local scope. Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong 4 provinces 17 collected surface aerosols, as well as Heilongjiang, Jilin, Shandong 3 provinces 4 collected gas iodine samples, gamma ray spectrum analysis showed that no abnormal, not detected artificial radionuclides; UAV low altitude aerial radiation monitoring was carried out in artificial radionuclides Jilin Province, Tumen and Hunchun City, the gamma air absorbed dose rate and no abnormal. Monitoring results show that the North Korean nuclear test has not yet affected the environment and public health in china. According to the National Meteorological Center for meteorological data and the latest forecast of the future 7 weather data, the Ministry of environmental protection of nuclear and radiation safety center by radiation consequence evaluation software (RADCON2) on the explosion of radioactive leakage scenario simulation shows that if the Fifth North Korean nuclear test radioactive leakage of radioactive material after the migration trajectory of China the time should be in September 10-11, then turned to the sea of Japan to the east. The environmental protection department will also continue to organize in the border to carry out multi rotor and fixed wing UAV aerial, continuous monitoring data analysis of wet and dry deposition, the border area of air, soil, water samples and other environmental radiation monitoring data, and regularly in the official website of the Ministry of environmental protection on the data release and update. (Xiao Hong, deep commissioning editor: Yin)相关的主题文章:

Men’s monthly salary of 10 thousand yuan has become a thief pry the license plate so that the owners-thinkpad s230u

Men’s monthly salary of 10 thousand yuan has become a thief pry: license plate allows owners to red envelopes – Sohu news Zhang identify the crime scene police figure for September 16th at 1 pm, Lee drove from Zhejiang to Chongqing on a business trip, the car stopped at the roadside near Guanyin Bridge, Jiangbei District, Jialing gas District, the nearest hotel. The second day wake up in the morning, he found that before the car on the left plate take wings to itself, a micro signal. Add each other, he reluctantly sent a 150 yuan red envelope, only to get the license plate. Recently, the prized car thieves were arrested, he was actually a nearby bar manager. Chongqing evening news reporter Zhu Jun spent 150 yuan plate prying back that morning, Mr. Lee drove to the side of the road, found before the license plate was pulled off, there is a note on the windshield: "want to get your license plate? Add me WeChat, red envelopes tell you where the license plate hidden." Lee immediately add the other WeChat, issued to each other after 150 yuan red envelopes, found in the bushes near the license plate. License plate has been found, out of fear of trouble, the psychological, Mr. Lee chose not to alarm. The next 1 months, one after another in Gansu, Henan and other places in the vicinity of Guanyin Bridge owners suffered the same situation. Most of them find it in the field of replacement license plate is too cumbersome, even bankruptcy in the idea of choosing not to alarm. But some owners do not send red envelopes, but home after completing the license plate. The suspects confessed 13 cases in October 29th, call the Public Security Bureau Garden Village, Jiangbei District police station received a foreign owner Mr. Wang, the police quickly Mopai investigation, retrieval of video surveillance analysis. Soon, Zhang suspects arrested. Zhang, 28 years old, no criminal record, is a bar manager, monthly income of around $10000. One day in the morning, Zhang on the night shift home, found a foreign car license plate quickly lost. He walked over and pulled away, leaving his phone number. The second day, the other party to give him a phone call to the license plate, gave 100 yuan fee. Thus, Zhang thought of a rich project, is to pry the field license plate, so that the owners issued a red envelope. Each red envelope is not much, between 100 yuan to $200. Zhang explained, he is generally around 3 in the morning after work to steal, have been 13 cases of crime, received a total of 450 yuan red envelope. Because the owners are afraid of trouble, willing to spend money do not alarm, so he often succeeded. Currently, Zhang has been under criminal detention. The license plate is not difficult to go through stolen Jiangbei District Traffic and patrol police detachment police told the Chongqing evening news reporter, if the license plate is missing, the car owner can bring ID to the DMV registration retroactive, costs about 140 yuan, 3 days to receive the new card. Before the new card to the DMV, will be issued a temporary licence. If a foreign license plate was stolen, to alarm, and then took a single alarm back home to go through. Midway is checked, the owner can produce a single alarm. License stolen during the illegal situation, how to deal with it? Police said the vehicle plate lost, robbery, theft, caused by legitimate vehicles are recorded, after verification to eliminate. "The theft license plate violations.相关的主题文章:

Mayor of New York said it would deploy an unprecedented scale police to ensure the smooth progress o-乃々果花

The mayor of New York, said police will deploy an unprecedented scale to ensure the smooth progress of the conference the General Assembly – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, New York (reporter Li Changxiang) in September 18, New York mayor Bill Obama? De Bracy said 18 days, the security work in the next week to deploy "unprecedented scale" of the police, to ensure that the forthcoming seventy-first session of the United Nations the series of meetings smoothly. Debra Theo said at a press conference held at noon the same day, the evening of 17 New York Manhattan explosion all the injured have been discharged from the hospital 29. At present, the police determined that the explosion was caused by a man-made bomb, not an accident. Debra Theo said that at present the event investigation is still in early stage, the motive and suspects can not be determined, but also can not determine the explosive blast explosion site and then found in the neighbourhood of New Jersey with a suspected homemade bomb in a charity marathon are directly related. He called on the people of New York remain vigilant and actively provide clues to the police. New York police chief James? O’neal said at the press conference, New York anti-terrorism force strong, in the past two years has been 20 times to stop a terrorist plot, therefore have confidence cracked this "violent crime". O’neal said that the recent New York police will strengthen the public traffic police force, increase the number of sampling frequency and dogs. 23 Chelsea street, New York, Manhattan, the Sixth Avenue and the road between the evening of the explosion occurred in 17, resulting in a total of 29 people were injured. The explosion also occurred earlier in the day, the United States of New Jersey, sponsored by a US Marine Corps charity marathon, the explosion caused no casualties, but officials say it may be a premeditated attack.相关的主题文章: