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By color value and taste of Conquest countless fruit Changchun chowhound fishing! Sohu and a little greedy delicacy! Great benefits are waiting for you! Changchun chowhound WeChat group public number cccht6 Changchun chowhound who is coming to the bowl. Live in an era of color value to keep slim girl who is pretty fight not to eat meat, high calorie foods do not eat even late… Do not eat rice… Actually the body is really not so good so I give you recommend a literary circle and sweet and sour, satiety and weight loss of delicious snacks, fresh fish??? Classic fruit fishing 38 yuan fruit of watermelon, banana, mango compote gourd, red pitaya, pitaya, kiwi, strawberry grapes, etc. a variety of fresh fruit imports. When secret milk and soft waxy sago in all kinds of fresh fruit, taste and perfect fruits are often drop ash according to the seasonal adjustment should be fresh and pure fragrant season very good ~ durian strawberry mango fishing 50 yuan of strawberry, durian and mango milk. Together, eat in the mouth sweet, slippery and delicious, not greasy ~ Australia mango strawberry banana fish 46 yuan inside the third I love to eat fruit of love, strawberry is certainly delicious fruit, taste sweet and crisp, super water enough with the soft waxy sago, no girl will not love mango taro fishing 35 yuan soft waxy waxy taro Q elastic and smooth, very lovely big piece of mango Meng Meng, attractive golden juice, adequate Yoji nectar 38 yuan a mango control, see will not stand screaming delicious, just a full materials can bring you unlimited sweet feel the durian hooked 50 yuan very poetic name very romantic thick milk, with a unique aroma of sweet durian and not greasy However, for small size and wide fresh it is a hardcore dessert. Of course eat durian buddies will clearly can be regarded it as precious passion cup 38 yuan this passion cup beautiful do not rely on Yan value, has chosen to fight taste passion inside the cup of passion fruit crisp, light milk flavor linger in between the lips and teeth breaking durian she is serious look at the boss seriously breaking the durian way you can know she treat their products very carefully and the pair of gloves disclosed a Meng Meng Da with lovely naughty delicious fruit for the imported fruits of zero pollution, zero added various fresh juicy, directly above your own experience to ~??? Liu Liannai Xiaobian see durian juice process, milk production process clean, and really put a lump of durian into the juicer, concentrated Oh ~ super adorable home buyers show peach fruit fishing, all ages are very suitable to eat either pregnant women or children can rest assured)相关的主题文章: