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Finance We get a lot of clients who use the Online version of QuickBooks business accounting software who want to switch to the desktop version. The main reason usually deals with inventory, though sales tax is another big reason as well. The Online version of QuickBooks bookkeeping program has a utility to convert your data to a desktop version of QuickBooks, but there are some odd bugs that we have found over the years. One of the problems involves payments received from a Parent customer and applied to multiple child invoices. For example, I have a customer in QuickBooks called Presti & Naegele with two jobs, Travis and Alex. I have an invoice for each of the jobs but have received one payment from Presti & Naegele. Both Online QuickBooks and the desktop version allow you to receive the payment from Presti & Naegele and it will show both the open invoices for the sub-jobs. During the online conversion, instead of replicating this feature, it will generate a journal entry instead. The journal entry will have a debit to Undeposited Funds for the full amount of the payment, a credit to the Accounts Receivable account, and credit the remaining balance to Opening Balance Equity. It will then generate a second journal entry that debits Opening Balance Equity and credits Accounts receivable for the second job. It wont apply the journal entry to the invoice however, which makes it look like the customer has an open invoice AND an open payment. Because of this, you would need to manually apply the journal entry payment to the invoices. The simplest way to do this is to run the Open Invoices report and filter for just the transaction type General Journal. Any entries on that report will probably need to be applied. This also has an effect on your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports if you run on a cash basis. Another oddity occurs when having a Customer:Job that had the exact name as a different customer. Both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop bookkeeping program versions support this, so I was shocked when I saw this. For example, lets say you have a customer called Presti & Naegele, with a sub job called Travis. If I have another customer on my list called Travis just by themselves, the online version gets confused when exporting. What it seemed to do was to add some sort of number to the end of the subjob, so instead of being called Presti & Naegele:Travis it was Presti & Naegele:Travis{331}. I have no idea where it got the number from, though. The solution to this, is to change the name so its different. Changing the sub job to Presti & Naegele:Travis2 before the export fixed this issue. If you have any other questions with regards to QuickBooks Online conversion to Desktop, we are at your disposal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: