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Black sesame eat whole wheat bagle Sohu, the biggest feature is the bagel in baking before forming the dough with boiling water boiled slightly, after this step produces bagel toughness and a special flavor. J after baking and then cross into the two round, with the love and other sauces, collocation fresh or smoked Vegetable & Fruit, ham and chicken, more flavor oh! Ingredients: high gluten flour, whole wheat flour 200 grams 30 grams, 20 grams of black sesame, 2.5 grams of dry yeast, sugar 20 grams, 3 grams of salt, 160 grams of milk, butter 10 grams, boiled water bagel 1000ml water: 50 grams of sugar, 1 steps: all the other ingredients except butter into the kitchen machine the basin knead until smooth. 2. Add softened butter. 3, dough knead until soft and hard, into the cooked black sesame. 4, evenly wrapped in black sesame dough knead and take out. The total weight of 5, weighing the dough after they were divided into 6 portions and round, cover film for about 10 minutes. 6, take a dough into ox tongue. 7, the dough is narrow side facing the middle of the pack. 8, and then fold pinch. 9, the dough from the middle to both sides long. 10, take a head flattening. 11, a head flattening fully covered another head, do not leave the joint. 12, plastic dough cover film for about 20 minutes. 13, according to the ratio of water to boil, boil the water after the turn a small fire, and cook 30 seconds into the bagel shop on the fish, good oil pan. 14, pan middle, steam oven "pure roast mode", on the fire of 160 degrees, 20 minutes from time to time. 15, the surface color, smell the aroma of bread baked, placed on the Internet after eating cool. Tips: each dough 1, plastic good underlying a piece of paper, convenient bagel under the wok of boiling water. 2, do not require a bagel dough film, can be smooth, plastic time must be pinched or interface, baked.相关的主题文章: