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Business Best Motherboard ASUS P8Z77 V If you are looking for a brand that creates some of the best motherboards in the market then, look no further as the ASUS is one of the leading companies. One of their best products is the ASUS P8Z77 V motherboard. It supports the Intel LGA1155 second and third generations which is featured by the Intel Z77 chipset. Other than that, it offers a top platform that leads to solutions with exclusive Dual intelligent processors that are integrated with some of the new technology and power control that is able to achieve the most precise adjustment as well as enhance stability and performance. This allows the users to adjust their systems to provide consistent power and also provide high efficiency. The motherboard also features some of the latest technology such as Lucid Virtu MVP and software that enhance performance, optimize graphics by ensuring that the quality and clarity of the images are enhanced. The visual quality of the images is enhanced and this helps by lowering the power consumption. Features that make the ASUS P8Z77 V the best motherboard Rich features that suit the home environment such as diverse remote control, multimedia management, quick data sharing, internet sharing and Wi-Fi. Have two fans that have individual tuning function that you can use to control the speed. You can also use USB with the BIOS files just by clicking a button. Some TPM header features that help to enhance the security and protect the Data. Two USB headers of 3.0 A core processor 3RD generation Intel. Other than the amazing features, most people prefer the ASUS P8Z77 V because it is very easy to update and even use. Anyone who is a computer wizard can tell you that with the ASUS P8Z77 V you can never go wrong as it will overclock very well when you need it to do so. It will give you high quality performance and it is guaranteed to last longer than any other motherboards that you might get in the market. It is built with some of the latest chipsets that can support Ivy Bridge processor as well as a backward that is well compatible with the Sandy Bridge processor. Thus, if you still have one you can use it without having to update your BIOS. The ASUS P8Z77 V supports some of the new and improved technologies which will make it a wise choice especially if you are planning to build a computer that is under 1155 platform socket. The other advantage of getting the motherboard is the fact that it is affordable and durable thus, it is a wise investment. You can go online to read more details about the ASUS P8Z77 V before buying it so that you can have a clear picture of how it functions. It is also important that you buy it from the manufacturer or from a reputable website so that you can be guaranteed of getting a genuine product. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: