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Real-Estate There are many benefits to having an Access Control system. Below I will identify what I feel are the most important benefits for a condominium or homeowners association. Increased security – By eliminating untraceable keys or non programmable access devices, thus providing true Access Control of who enters your facility. Provides a paper trail transaction log of entries date and time stamped. Instant Lockout – When you want to deny Access to a specific person for any reason you can deny them access from the entire site or a specific area simply by changing their access level in the data base. I.e. Association dues in the rears, instant lock out of amenity areas. (Eliminates Re-keying locks and issuing new keys which can be costly). When the addition of a security camera system is integrated you have a .plete Access Control System that can provide legal forensic evidence. Lets face it, if Mr. Jones was the last one in the club house at 11pm and the Flat Screen TV was missing, all he would have to say is that he lost his card and you would not have the proof needed in a court of law. Now with the Access Control System integrated with the security cameras, Mr. Jones would be caught red handed or proven innocent. With CMS software integrated with the DVR or NVR recorders, you can provide Facial View, License TAG Capture and the Overview of the event that can be used in conjunction with the Access Control Transaction Log. The area we find this to be most helpful is with gated .munities. We have had a 100% success rate of identifying the vehicle that crashed into the gate, thus eliminating costly gate repairs to the .munity. They key to being able to have this type of success rate is proper design and using the proper equipment! There are many other features and benefits of an Access Control and CCTV System. With todays technology we are almost limitless as to what we can provide. The key is to design the system that best fits your .munities needs which will provide the features you are looking for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: