Beijing, the 68 year old Mei Lanfang had big buns, with its refreshing drink – Sohu

The 68 year old Beijing baozi great background, Mei Lanfang used it as their own Sohu and refreshing – by WeChat public, people know this hard, after reading the manuscript for moving several million. The snack bar in the public number of a word, really touched me – in October 16th next to the Suzhou Street subway station, there is a call and Wanxing shop opened. For you, it may just be more than a meal choice, if so, then we continue to work hard." There is such a spirit shop, indeed a great background. In 1948 68 years ago, and WAN Xing boss too grandpa Zhang Wanzhi in Beijing opened a shop, called "million Xingju", do Steamed Rice buns, fried rice, snacks and so on, because the material is very strict, taste good, business is booming on the upgrade. Mei Lanfang’s great love, with its refreshing, called on the standard. Later, Xingju million in 1956 for public-private partnerships, officially renamed the "Qingfeng baozi Pu", known as the launch of the package at home and abroad to study greatly. After 70 years and still a million million, the genetic material of traditional Xingju, that one will only flour from the N city village and search for the most original, mouth to eat the food are all products of a particular farm, only R & D spent 3 years and two months. Long pepper egg bag, 4 pieces and pastry chef for the country special pastry chef, the fourth generation is returned, visited the original Qingfeng, fengzeyuan chef. Shop is small, a steamed stuffed bun is wrapped in the story of 70 years, is the heritage of the four generation. The sign Baozi Stuffed with Red Bean Paste, 4 pieces of this story was not moving, not personally to the small Baozipu to taste. Shop in Zhongguancun office buildings in the street, small fresh style, minimalist store, clean and tidy, changed the way of traditional Baozipu impression, not stiff restaurant. As a decorative home decorated with ornaments, lovely plants. While selling snacks, steamed stuffed bun is far less than a class, a superb collection of beautiful things early afternoon dinner menu, see my eyes, everyone want to eat, I am afraid to times a month. The strength of red sausage cake bags, 15 pieces of a few flavors of dumplings, you will find it in color than the general sale of yellow, it is truly not made the self raising flour dough, bite, exudes a soft light sweet aroma of baking. The most traditional onion pork package, letinous edodes food core package, sweet and delicate black rice also has Baozi Stuffed with Red Bean Paste, a new era of shrimp sausage, corn bag bag, horseshoe abalone a bag… More magical…, it restored the lost years of each child that is far more than the hamburger cake, so simple, it contains the Poached Egg full, pickles, or pork sausage. The pickled shrimp noodles, 38 pieces of packaging on the phrase "chewing is praised" across the food culture, without pasta noodles. Delicious diced eggplant, pickled shrimp, have enough ingredients, one head shrimp in the restaurant the size of prawns. The delicious diced eggplant, 28 blocks, each bowl collocation a soft eggs / shrimp wonton, 15 bucks a night 8 grain of wonton, every grain of all have a flexible ten相关的主题文章: