Beijing North Railway Station suspended passenger traffic to the 2019 high-speed rail opened – China autobots

Beijing North Railway Station passenger service in 2019 to suspend the high-speed railway – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing November 1st – (Ding Jing, Li Yichun) Beijing Railway Bureau information shows that with the Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway construction, the Beijing North Railway Station, Qinghe Railway Station now suspended for passenger service, high-speed railway until 2019. Qing Hua Yuan Railway Station to stop passenger traffic. Beijing North Railway Station spokesman Song Jianguo said that after the suspension of passenger transport, Beijing North Railway Station still retains the ticketing function. During the construction of Beijing suburban railway line S2 city (end station) originating from Beijing North Railway Station to store temporary migration loess transition station; the Beijing North Railway Station (to the end of the original hair) via the Beijing Baotou railway line, Beijing line running 8 pairs of passenger trains from Beijing North Railway Station to ChangPing North Railway Station, adjustment. Qing Hua Yuan Railway Station has more than 100 years of history. The future will be replaced by the Beijing North Railway Station Tsinghua Yuan tunnel, the tunnel through the core area of Beijing, a total length of 5.33 km. Beijing North Railway Station is the Beijing Xizhimen railway station. Beijing Zhang railway presided over the construction of Zhan Tianyou, is the first railway Chinese independently designed and built, after become a section of the Beijing Baotou railway. At present, Beijing Zhang Zhang is based on the construction of Beijing Zhang railway. Jing Zhang is High-speed Rail Jinglan channel state planning high high-speed rail network in the eastern part of Zhangjiakou, but also the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics focus on supporting the traffic infrastructure. Beijing North Railway Station is the Beijing Zhangjiakou in Beijing High-speed Rail starting point station, connected to the Xizhimen transportation hub, and with the Beijing subway, chengtie.相关的主题文章: