Beauty Is Not Always In The Eyes Of The

Beauty Make up and cosmetics are an indispensable part of every womans life. No woman can do away with it at any stage of her life. Be it adolescent girls or elderly woman, they follow one or another kind of beauty regime which involves the use of cosmetics. However, the basics of makeup start with glowing and radiant skin. Apart from dietary supplements, various kinds of skin care products .e into picture if you wish to have flawless and healthy skin. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing is the basic daily regimen that results in radiant skin. Before applying makeup, is important to create a smooth and matte effect on the skin. This can be done with the help of concealers, which hide the marks and blemishes while the using foundation gives it an even tone. Good quality cosmetics are gentle on the skin and also fill up the fine lines of aging and acne scars. Today concealers are used even by women who have flawless skin. A concealer palette consists of three corrector colors which can be used according to your skin tone. Next, translucent powder can be used which does not add any color but brightens your skin texture. This also gives an instant glow and a smooth tone. With all the background work done, it is time for the actual artistry to begin. The makeup act starts with the eyes as they are the most important assets women have. One misconception which women have about eye shadows is that it provides color to the eye. But it is not only color but also a simple glow to enhance the natural shine of the eye area. The current trend says good bye to lip gloss and eye gloss. New eye glow shadows available in the market give a wet look to the eye, but its application can be quite tricky. Precision is required to get the correct look and effect. So get ready for the starry-gazed admiration when your eyes will cast glimmers to the on lookers. If you love fabulous bronze tans, then Bronze glow is a new revolutionary product in the cosmetics segment which promises an instant body tan in minutes. So no more waiting and soaking in the sun to acquire a body tan. All you have to do is to use the self-tanning spray, which provides an instant healthy glow which lasts for 3-4 days. It not only looks good but also fades easily. For years, the world of beauty has been the triumphant abode of the fair women, but not anymore. The darker .plexioned beauties are slowly emerging to rule the fashion circuit. However one needs to keep some important points in mind while working with darker tones. Especially for African American women, before applying foundation, the eyes have to be prepared. Using a concealer before eye makeup will make sure that your eyes look perfectly irresistible. The color of the eye shadow is also important. But before choosing the shades, you need to take into consideration your eye color and the undertones of your skin. For example, gold eye shadow will look great on the lids, if you have brown eyes and yellow undertones. Moisturizing the area around the eyes every night can do wonders for any women as great eye makeup starts with a great and flawless skin. Bronzer is also a new product that can do wonders for womens cheekbones. Another trend that is going on with women is following your favorite celebrity makeup style. But many times it results in disasters. The good news is that following a handful of tips can definitely prevent such problems. The golden rule that goes on before trying a celebrity makeup style is that if you are playing up a certain area of the face (such as the eyes), keep everything else fresh and natural. Treat your hair like you treat your face. Don’t over-wash it and be sure to use a moisturizing treatment the night before a big event for g.eous, shiny results. You can be daring enough to recreate any new look, but dont follow a celebrity blindly. Be judicious before deciding what looks best on you and what does not. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: