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Chengdu city of agricultural and sideline products wholesale relocation of official business tomorro beself

Chengdu city of agricultural and sideline products wholesale relocation tomorrow officially closed the newspaper news (reporter Chen Yong) yesterday morning, Chengdu city of agricultural and sideline products wholesale center (limited) issued by the market closed (3) announcement: starting from March 18th the market closed transition period will officially end today, from September 18th onwards, the market entered the business center relocation phase the original business model, the termination of the market. This also means that, in Chengdu, operating more than 20 years of Chengdu city of agricultural and sideline products wholesale center will officially quit the stage of history, ushered in the transformation of rebirth upgrading. Six months issued a 3 announcement, September 18th relocation, relocation of Chengdu agricultural and sideline products wholesale center is located in Chengdu, Jinniu District Rong North business avenue. Building area of 53312 square meters, involving more than 2500 businesses, employing more than 5000 people. Since it was put into operation in 1995, it has formed a traditional trading market characterized by the wholesale of agricultural products, seafood, condiments, grain and oil and tea. The trading products radiate all over Sichuan, Shaanxi, Henan, Gansu, Tibet, Yunnan and guizhou. After 20 years of development, has served as a hub of the province’s agricultural and sideline products in Chengdu city of agricultural and sideline products wholesale market "old" state: business problems fade low-end, construction form of delay, traffic congestion, public security management is difficult, fire hazards prominent also gradually, which seriously restrict the development of the city and market. In March 17th this year, the market issued a Notice No. 1, from March 18th to gradually shut down the market, transition until September 17th. In May this year, also issued 2 announcement, clear the business on time relocation incentives. And the announcement of the No. 3 clear September 18th began to stop moving mode, please do not have the majority of businessmen wait-and-see psychology, actively cooperate, move as soon as possible. The existing management mode has become the goods not only the reporter saw in the announcement, since September 18th, the market north gate and north two door opening time delay by 8:15 in the morning to 9 in the morning; from October 1st to two, a north north gate closed, not open; closed after 19 PM in principle pull goods from inside to outside from inside; in addition to providing move to market customers as well as to the transfer of goods to the city outside channel convenience, the market will be timely on the part of the regional market traffic restrictions or control. At the same time, the market began to withdraw the booth and business room to remove operations. In the meantime, the market management mode will also change: where in the market place of goods and goods cross-border (including the exit facilities on the market) are not subject to any protection, all the responsibility by the person responsible for placing restrictions on the purchase of vehicles; admission to limit vehicle field purchase admission. And take corresponding measures to limit management. The center of the market no longer purchase (except to the truck to pull goods vehicles) to provide parking and management, will not take any responsibility for maintaining security and order; all goods warehouse center market facilities will be implemented not only the management; will not accept the existing operating facilities maintenance and repair; at the same time, to have no longer in use, does not affect the relocation of the facilities will be removed; boiling water supply center market at the end of September 28th one or two, three or four, five; trading hall fan in September 28th.

成都市农副产品批发中心明起正式停业搬迁本报讯 (记者 陈泳) 昨日上午,成都市农副产品批发中心(有限公司)发出市场关闭(3)号公告:从3月18日启动的市场关闭搬迁过渡期将于今日正式结束,从9月18日起,中心市场进入停业搬迁阶段,市场原经营模式终止。这也意味着,在成都五块石经营了20余年的成都市农副产品批发中心将正式退出历史舞台,迎来提档升级的转型重生。半年发出3次公告9月18日停业搬迁成都市农副产品批发中心位于成都市金牛区蓉北商贸大道。建筑面积53312平方米,涉及商家2500余户,从业人员5000余人。自1995年全面投入营运以来,形成了以农产品、海产品、调味品、粮油、茶叶批发为特色的传统交易市场,交易商品辐射全川及陕、豫、甘、藏、滇、黔等地。经过20余年的发展,曾作为全省农副产品集散中心的成都市农副产品批发中心市场“老”态渐显:经营业态低端、建设形态滞后、交通拥堵、治安管理难度大、消防隐患突出等问题也逐渐显现,严重制约了城市与市场的发展。今年3月17日,市场发出1号公告,从3月18日起逐步关闭市场,过渡至9月17日止。今年5月,又发出2号公告,明确了商家按时搬迁的奖励措施。而此次的3号公告明确了9月18日开始停业搬迁模式,请广大客商不要再抱有观望心理,积极配合,尽快搬迁。现有管理方式有变货物只出不进记者在公告上看到,自9月18日后,市场北一门、北二门开门时间由上午8点15分延迟至上午9点;从10月1日起对北一门、北二门进行关闭,不再开放;下午闭场19点以后原则上禁止从场内往外拉货;场内除向市场客商提供搬家以及往市场外转货的通道便利外,市场将适时对市场内部分区域的交通实行限制或管制。同时,市场开始对已经退出的摊位和营业房进行撤除作业。而在此期间,市场的管理方式也将变化:凡在市场上越界摆放的货物以及物品(包括在已经退场的市场设施上的)均不受任何保护,一切责任均由摆放人自行负责;限制进货车辆入场,对再向场内进货的车辆限制入场,并采取相应的限制管理措施。中心市场不再向进货的货车(往外拉货车辆除外)提供车位和管理,不予承担任何安全、秩序维护的责任;中心市场库房类设施的所有货物一律实行只出不进的管理办法;不再受理有关现有经营设施维护、维修的问题;同时,对已经不再使用,不影响搬迁的设施将进行撤除;中心市场的开水供应在9月28日结束;一、二、三、四、五交易厅的风扇在9月28日后不再供电,停止使用并给予撤除。据介绍,此次公告发布以后,对在搬迁过程中涉及的有关退场手续办理、保证金退还、市场内交通限制措施、市场针对搬迁加强的安全保卫措施、市场设施撤除、门卫管理以及其他相关问题,中心市场还将以正式通告的方式及时发布。相关的主题文章:

Select the grading of reading, first look at this article – Sohu maternal and child 姉summer

Selected books classification, take a look at this article – I am overseas education group Sohu maternal hair mother Carol for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, parent-child reading practice here and 100 thousand mother exchange experience hair mother always advocated English enlightenment books reading. Readability and artistic picture, to bring the child’s influence, is far more important than "reading skills". But I don’t reject graded readings. First learn to read, then learn by reading. This is also a lot of experts in North America suggested a more effective reading line. A set of authoritative reading books, can help her mother clear the idea of enlightenment. However, if there are 1 or more sets of grade books, children do not exclude, this article basically no use for you. Sometimes, to read a book, far more than the election to be important of two minds. This article is for those mothers who hesitate to choose which graded readings. It needs to be repeated that Mao is not going to tell you which grade book to choose. I just want you to know how to choose the right one. – – – you choose classification of books, mainly to consider what factors? To answer this question, we have to return to the original intention of the classification of reading books. In the selection of books, to clarify the functions of different categories of books. We selected grade books, can gradually improve their English reading ability, when the factor is our priority. Let’s take a look at the following categories of books to see how they can improve their reading ability. Oxford Reading Tree currently introduced in China with level1-6 levels. Basically can let the children from the two or three simple words, advanced to independent reading fluency. This book is very scientific and elaborate advanced settings. It is reflected in the following aspects of the system: high frequency words gradually increased from the beginning of level 2, in the story of the increase in the face of high frequency words. After each reading, the child can be familiar with 5-10 high-frequency words. So the level6 brush, probably can understand 30-50 high-frequency words. Basically reach the level of independent reading. Pronunciation training than the system each level is not only equipped with 6 story books, there are more than 6 stories and Phonics book. Practice letter sound, vowels, consonants, syllables, etc. in stories and games. From level1 sound to letter can be read out a couple of level6 can complete the sentence read out, have a good transition and advanced. Level1 through the I spy game, so that children are familiar with the letter sound level3 began deliberately lists some of the key words pronunciation, and into the story. For example, the following CH and oo. this is I admire the Oxford tree. Many parents believe that reading is to read and understand it. Actually not so. Children do not have a sense of voice and phonemic awareness, you can not grasp the natural fight!相关的主题文章:

Double eleven hi over how to open the right to eat earth month zngay

How to correctly open eleven double head hi eat soil month lead: as of November 12th 0, double 11 global Carnival officially ended. Data show that the total transaction volume of 11 platforms on the same day reached $120 billion 748 million 590 thousand! How much of this is your contribution? In the crazy buy buy buy, look at the face is also clean wallet, it is time to consider how to open the next month to eat earth! Concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Eat the first move: cooking at home to save money and health and save money: "the best way to save money is not to eat in the restaurant." DIY food at home, both healthy and save money, but also enjoy the joy of making. Even if you eat soil, but also to eat and taste, nutrition and health. Now we recommend an artifact – braised beaker. This is a very popular and convenient cooking utensil. Braised beaker small and cute, do not plug, no heating, the food (especially soup) into the cup, then pour the boiling water, then put the lid up stuffy for half a day or so, with the help of the glass insulation function, which is similar to the temperature of the food in the boiling water in the cook, a hot cup of porridge good. Easy to carry, easy to operate the most suitable for the mother of the baby to prepare meals, office workers and students party. THERMOS Stainless THERMOS King [480ml] THERMOS braised braised beaker insulation is made of double-layer stainless steel beaker high vacuum layer by temperature loss, wide caliber design, convenient and clean place food. Cup cover with PP plastic protection, prevent fall, sealing performance is better, the base of sand resistance. This section of the cold insulation dual-purpose beaker for 6 hours, the insulation effect reached 42 degrees, the cold effect reached more than 8 hours. With 1 stainless steel spoon, with fruit in the summer, winter with rice is very good. Reference price: 250 yuan. A prodigal: thermal insulation, good sealing, Fangshuai zoned, large capacity. Practical index: it assumes the appearance index: assumes price index: * * * ZOJIRUSHI printed stainless steel insulation cold beaker 360ml this stew stew beaker of moderate size, with close air vent design, open cover is very convenient, drinking water is not hot enough to burn the resin, mouth, each part of the cup cover can not disassemble, clean up dead, in short, is careful to the extreme. Reference price: 3100 yen (about $200). A simple and safe and easy to clean it. The utility index assumes the appearance index: it assumes that the price index assumes TIGER MCC-B038 [380ml] TIGER Tiger Tiger braised beaker stuffy beaker, with food grade stainless steel, coated with solid resin coating, 9.9× 9.9× 330g 14.3cm; the size of the body weighs more than 57 DEG C, can be maintained for 6 hours (according to the room temperature may be), the actual capacity of 400ml, but as.相关的主题文章:

Pregnant women after a major impact, even witnessed a miracle! Sohu – ppbox

Pregnant women after a major impact, even witnessed a miracle! – Sohu maternal and child throughout pregnancy, expectant mothers are carefully protected the baby, for fear of accidentally out of the accident. In fact, the fetus is not really so fragile it? Can’t wait to come out? It’s really exciting. Mom and dad? Do you want to shake hands with mom and dad? Since humans walk upright, always bumps can hardly be avoided, pregnant women as well. In the middle and later stages of pregnancy, the belly of the woman is protruding outwards, in case the abdomen is hit by the impact of the fetus? Don’t worry, the fetus has second kinds of "self-defense weapon" — amniotic fluid. In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the fetus has been "floating" in the amniotic fluid. There are many functions of amniotic fluid, one of the important functions is to protect the fetus. Affected by the impact of pregnant women, the pressure to the uterus through the amniotic fluid will be buffered, so that the fetus does not bear too much pressure, even under certain pressure, but also a uniform distribution, not local injury. Of course, there is a limit to the ability of the fetus to protect themselves. When a pregnant woman suffers more than a fetus’s defense, the fetus will be hurt. However, the impact of trauma on the fetus, the general is not a direct injury to the fetus (unless the trauma caused by uterine rupture), but through some other mechanisms indirectly affect the fetus. Such as abdominal trauma is one of the most vulnerable to the trauma of the uterus, if there is no abdominal perforation and internal organ damage, simple abdominal impact injury is more likely to damage the placenta. The placenta is attached to the uterine wall, and the uterus may be affected by the impact of the placenta, that is, before the birth of the placenta from the attachment of the uterine wall, some or all of the peel. The effect of placental abruption on pregnancy depends on the size of the area. If the area of more than 1 of the total area of the placenta / 3, it should be timely treatment, otherwise it will endanger the safety of mother and child. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章:

Foreign exchange outflow pressure increases the enterprise dare settlement into the territory quickchm

Foreign exchange outflow pressure companies not to rush into the territory of foreign exchange settlement funds face tight outflow pressure increasing trend is hard to change this reporter Chen Zhi Intern He Jingjing Shanghai reported domestic liquidity tightening, still can reduce the pressure of RMB devaluation. As at 19 on October 27th, the domestic market, the U.S. dollar against the RMB spot rate hovering at $6.7803, the Hongkong offshore market, the U.S. dollar against the RMB exchange rate fluctuations near the end of the week, hit a record low of 6.7929 in intraday trading. "It’s quite unusual." A state-owned bank foreign exchange traders pointed out that in the past when the domestic capital liquidity is tight, always bring some support to stabilize the rmb. The number of investment institutions ignore the market practice, still doing selling renminbi arbitrage. In his opinion, the deep-seated reasons behind, is that these institutions have passed the central bank recently to restart the 14 day and the 28 day repurchase period of 3 months, stop MLF means continuously push the funds rate of mild uplift, the main purpose is to force some financial institutions to leverage higher leverage, rather than the RMB exchange rate based on the consideration of. However, the market began to worry that foreign exchange continued to decline, the domestic financial market liquidity may face more severe stress. Funds face tensions in the aforementioned state-owned bank foreign exchange traders seem, after the central bank has repeatedly adopted a moderate tightening of domestic capital mobility, to achieve the purpose of maintaining the stability of the RMB exchange rate. The reason for the domestic capital liquidity tightening, the term repo rate rose to a certain magnitude, all types of domestic capital have to invest to get higher returns, reduce the pressure of capital outflows, constitute a strong support for the renminbi to stabilize rebound. "At first, we think that the central bank is modeled on." He said that due to tight liquidity, 27 in early trading on the Shanghai stock exchange overnight reverse repurchase bonds (GC001) rose to 18%, the 2 day reverse repurchase bonds (GC002) reached 8.805%; the Shenzhen Stock Exchange overnight reverse repurchase bonds (R-001) rose to 15.778%, the 2 day Treasury reverse repurchase rate (R-002) reached 7.5%. The investment income sufficient to attract a lot of domestic capital to stay in the territory to obtain higher returns. He quickly found that the central bank is not based on the consideration of the RMB exchange rate. The reason is that the central bank recently has been increasing the money supply, ease market liquidity; on the other hand, the domestic capital tight liquidity may not be able to effectively alleviate the dollar rate hike is expected to heat up under the pressure of RMB devaluation. Reporters learned that the move will still play a certain market effect, 27 in the early days of the decline in the dollar against the renminbi is less than the offshore market. However, the domestic market, the RMB exchange rate decline slowed, and did not constitute an offshore market to support the RMB exchange rate. 27 early in the morning, under the pressure of international capital speculation in the offshore renminbi, intraday hit record lows of 6.7929. "Now that foreign speculative capital, the dollar rate hike is expected to heat up years has become the most short of RMB相关的主题文章: