As Little Bailey Works To Speak Her First Word, Democrats Work To Steal Her Future And I Blame You!

Politics Blame is not a bad or a petty thing when used appropriately. Blame attributed to thosse people responsible for taking actions that intentionally or unintentionally result in harm to others is appropriate; as it is to those whose inaction causes that same result. With our constitution being weakened, and our liberties stripped away by those we place in positions of power that have no respect for either, it’s easy to identify those who are to blame. As I held my 6 month old granddaughter (Bailey) in my arms and listened to the evening news report of yet another planned infringement on our American way of life, and the capitalist system that has made us the greatest nation on this planet, I was struck hard by the realization of the disastrous negative effect it could have on little Bailey’s future. As President Obama, his administration, and Democrats in Congress push their radical agenda at the speed of light and with little regard for the limits placed on them by the constitution; little Bailey, and your children and your grandchildren as well, are being unfairly burdened with a tremendous amount of debt. Even worse, the independence of our business sector and our own individual freedoms are being eroded as their massive grab for power and control reaches into areas once thought sacred. One day little Bailey will be.e an adult and enter the working world of America. When she proudly receives that first paycheck and looks in astonishment and disappointment at the amount of money her government has confiscated from her pay, she may ask me how it is that the government can take so much of what she has worked so hard to earn. That’s when I’ll blame you; those of you who so eagerly voted for a President simply because he was articulate and offered you you the hope of change. No definition of what that change would be, but change nonetheless. Some day little Bailey may be fortunate enough to over.e her heavy tax burden so as to buy her first home. When she receives those first electric, gas and water bills she may ask why it is that utilities are so expensive and whether it has always been that bad. That’s when I’ll blame you; those of you who voted for a President who could offer little more in the way of administrative experience than that as a .munity organizer to qualify him, and those of you who voted to give Democrats in Congress the control they needed to push through legislation such as Cap and Trade (more appropriately referred to as Cap and Tax). Hopefully it will never happen, but if that day .es when I have to break the sad news to little Bailey that her favorite aunt has died after being denied treatment by our new government run healthcare system, I’ll blame you. (Before you say that can’t happen, take a look at Britain’s government run health care system and you’ll find that not only can it happen; it has happened and continues to happen) Our system of health care isn’t perfect, but putting the government in charge of it isn’t the answer. I’ll blame those of you who proudly voted for a President based on the color of his skin. Whether it was because he "looked like you" or because you thought it was just time we elected a black president. You will deserve to be blamed for ignoring that lesson Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died trying to teach you – you know the one. It’s where he dreams of a day when people will be judged by the content of their character, and not the color of their skin. Perhaps if you had paid more attention to the content of President Obama’s character, little Bailey would have a brighter future ahead of her. The next time you look into the face of your child or grandchild and reflect on the tyrannical way in which your elected representatives are eroding their liberties, and plunging their country into a black hole of debt; consider who they’ll have to blame? If you voted for President Obama or almost any Democrat in Congress, it’s likely they’ll Blame You. That’s The Way I See It – AL Lavallis Copyright (c) 2009 AL Lavallis Enterprises, LLC About the Author: 相关的主题文章: