Anime fans also have VR dream world’s first VR comic is about to be born incubus

Anime fans also have the world’s first VR VR dream comics will be born with the development of VR technology, we can treat mental diseases with VR, to ease the mental stress, but also can be used to make some VR games and video movie entertainment to our body and mind. However, for the animation enthusiasts, VR also has a purpose, that is used to make VR comics, and now a book called magnetic fusion, the comic is about to land Gear  VR, the world’s first VR comics. "Magnetic fusion" is Oniride for Gear  VR free to create VR comics, its developer is Fabio  Corriossi and artist Emilio  Pillie. This cartoon tells the story of a 6 year old boy in Neo witnessed his home was destroyed in the war after the decision to launch revenge, and gathered a large group of partners began to challenge the story of war initiator. This cartoon is not specifically designed for VR, but will launch a general online version, and then adapted into the VR version. It is reported that, "fusion" will be the first landing iOS and Android platform, after the re landing Gear , VR, and this cartoon watch will not charge any fees. VR will give the traditional comic brings a new way of viewing each scene will be at 360 degrees form in front of us, and the dialog box is no longer simple, it can make us more into the plot. The dialog box in the 3D scene will be highlighted, and we can feel the background and sound with a new feeling, which allows us to better integrate into the story itself. "VR" magnetic fusion can also be constantly learning and breakthrough, Xiao Bian believe that with the continued development of VR, traditional comic VR will be the future research direction of the cartoonists.相关的主题文章: