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Anhui villagers Lee Ronghao first shock   in Han Han’s "Anhui" ride the wind and waves channel — original title: Anhui villagers Li Ronghao first appeared in Han Han’s "electric shock" after the   ride the wind and waves; Han Han has exposed Deng Chao, Dong Zijian starred in the movie "wind and waves", the day before the announcement of the new king of Anhui villagers Li Ronghao Shanxi in this film. A message, then make netizens call "elegant lineup". Golden King Li Ronghao the first shock role since 2013 to make a mystery, Li Ronghao from perfect music producer turned singer, frequently harvest Golden Melody Awards and many music awards, is the new fully deserve Chinese music golden singer. He wrote songs with cutting-edge, urban style, with thick texture, personal style and a high degree of recognition. In the movie "Han Han" is Li Ronghao ride the wind and waves, the first shock, entirely new attempt to cross. After seeing this photo released by Han Han, the netizens responded enthusiastically: "lifetime"… Did you see Li Ronghao acting?" "Han Han asked Li Ronghao to do the acting. Did he want to sing the theme song himself?"" "In a trance, I thought I saw Tony Leung." "Han Han + Li Ronghao, routines can be."." Visible, Li Ronghao bold cross-border challenges, so that netizens looking forward to full. Han Han "piercing eye" casting "new" Li Ronghao in the play is very fast, Han Han love Li Ronghao’s music, the first time meet, firmly invited Li Ronghao to join "the idea of" ride the wind and waves. And Li Ronghao had a lot of talks, but almost all of the characters were built around his singer prototype, so he has not been satisfied. After receiving the "" ride the wind and waves script, he was in the play the role of temperament to attract, and was moved by Han Han’s sincerity, Li Ronghao did not hesitate to appear in. Although the actor of the couple, but Li Ronghao and Deng Chao had been exposed, Dong Zijian tied, the aura is not lost "predecessors" half, Han Han had to admire the vision really sinister actors ". Li Ronghao into the group on the first day of shooting into the state, more surprising is that the actor has not lost his behavior between style. What role did the new Li Ronghao play?. At this point, directed by Han Han "has been officially announced," ride the wind and waves of Deng Chao Dong Zijian and Li Ronghao three character is completely different cast, but at present the video content, the role is still in the stage of confidentiality. (commissioning editor Ma Lingling and Guan Fei) 摰�噬��飽���瘚拚�閫衣� ����拙��唬����憌��瘚芥�–摰�噬憸��–鈭箸�蝵����憸��摰�噬��飽���瘚拚�閫衣� ����拙��唬����憌��瘚芥�   ����芷�撖��������頞������亙��箸��嗆����銋���湔答�������亙����撣��������敺質�銋⊥���筒�箸��祉�����臭��綽�靘蹂誘蝵��隞祉��潑��萄捆皜����� �������脫�������瘚拚�閫衣�閫������寞�敺������013撟渲絲嚗����筒隞��銋��雿�犖摰��頧祈澈銝箸����嚗��憸���琿��脣�蝑��憿寥�銋�之憟���航��臬�霂凋���葉敶������������脫����隞���������脫�憌������怠��賢�憌��嚗��銝�捶������銝芯犖憌�����颲刻�摨行�擃��甇斗活�箸��拙��萄蔣���憌��瘚芥�嚗���舀���筒擐�活閫衣�嚗���典�鈭�楊���撠���������拙��砍����撘�����嚗����賑���摨���剔�嚗�����銋�僑�血��嗥��唳���筒瞍��嚗�����撖�窈���瘚拇�瞍��嚗������喃熔�芣��曹蜓憸��嚗��������隞乩蛹�芸楛���璇�振颲������拙�+���瘚抬�憟�楝�臭誑������閫����筒餈�活憭扯�頝函����隞斤���賑���皛⊥說������拙�����潮���� �������唬犖�����筒�交�敹恍� ����格�嚗��撖����洽���瘚拍��喃�嚗�洵銝�活�貊漲閫������游�摰��霂瑟���筒������憌��瘚芥����瘜�������筒�踵�銋��銝����漲�刻�嚗��������閫���賣��渡�隞��甇��������嚗��隞乩�銝��銝�云皛⊥�����嗅����憌��瘚芥��扳����隞�噶鋡怠��祇�����脫�韐其�銝��撘�����鋡恍�撖��霂������剁����瘚拇神銝��鞊怠�摰��瞍���賜��舀���葉���鈭綽�雿����筒銝�迨��歇������頞������亙僎���嚗���箏僎銝��蝏�����隞砂����嚗��敺��雿拇��拙����瞍���������兩�瘥�麾������瘚抵�蝏������乩噶餈���嗆�嚗��隞支犖������嚗��銝暹���雲銋�����銝��敶勗����������鈭算����瘚拙�摨�����銋���莎�撘��������������單迨嚗���拙�撖潭����銋���湔答��歇蝏�迤撘��撣��頞������亙����瘚拐�雿��韐典��其�銝��瞍���萄捆嚗���桀�敶梁���捆����脖�憭��靽���嗆挾��(韐��嚗�帕�脩����憌�相关的主题文章: