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Pets Vaccinations are part of your dogs care. When you have a puppy you have the right to choose the vaccinations that your puppy will receive. There are some vaccinations that are required by the state or .munity you live in. There is also a schedule that is usually followed in order to keep your dog or puppy healthy. Puppies are often vaccinated because they have a .promised immune system. Their mother doesnt provide antibodies for all of the diseases that exist. Sometimes the antibodies are found in the milk, and sometimes as owners we must supply them. This is all apart of the natural care you should give to your puppy. To understand when vaccinations should occurs you need to understand the window of susceptibility or when they are most like to contract certain diseases. Most often the time period will be different, but most often it is the first six weeks the puppy is alive. Most often you should begin vaccination at week nine to make sure they respond well to the vaccinations, but some can be given at week six. Talk this over with your vet to make sure you are providing the proper care. The Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents re.mends vaccinations for distemper, canine adenovirus to ward off hepatitis and other respiratory diseases, the parvovirus and rabies should be given to puppies. In most cases the state or .munity agrees. There are other vaccinations that are not required and you are given the choice. In this case you should consider the area you live in, how .mon the disease is for puppies, and how detrimental it can be if they are exposed. Canine distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, rabies, and the adenovirus should be given close to birth and then every year. The measles vaccine is a choice for dog owners and will last for several years. The risk is also really low, so you may decide it is unnecessary. Parainfluenza is another non core vaccination that you can elect to give your puppy. It should be given every 2 years if you decide to vaccinate. The risk is very low and re.mended for puppies that have been born in kennels or spent time in kennels and shelters. It helps give them an immune boost. Bordetella has a short boost to the immune system and therefore is required every six months or year. The risk is very low, so it may not be a beneficial vaccination for your puppy. Leptospirosis is a .mon vaccination given in the .bination drug of the adenovirus in most cases. The vaccination should be administered on a six month to yearly basis. There are certain dog breeds that are more susceptible so this may be a wise choice for your puppy if he is a Doberman or rottweiler. The coronavirus is very low risk, but occurs in shelters, kennels, and dog shows. It has also appeared in some breeding facilities. This vaccination may make you feel more .fortable towards your puppys health and requires a six month vaccination period. Lyme disease can also occur in puppies, which means you may want to vaccinate annually if you are in an area where the disease is .mon. You can do basic research for those areas, but mostly it is in warm, humid climates. This particular vaccination is a choice for dog owners. When you adopt a dog it is important to take every health consideration you would for a child or an adult. Certain vaccinations must be given due to state laws and others are a choice. It is best to research your area for the most .mon diseases and outbreaks and then make a decision. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: