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Academicians talk about "core" are required to "civil military integration" – Beijing News Agency Xinhua: Xi’an September 26 academicians talk about "core": the need of military and civilian financial "integration" in the News Agency reporter Zhang Su held in Xi’an on the 26 day of the eighteenth session of the annual meeting of the Association of China civil military integration innovation of science and technology exhibition, a Taiwan hospital neutron irradiator is popular. 85 year old Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhou Yongmao presided over the design of the hospital neutron irradiation device". He said that this is the world’s first dedicated to boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) for the treatment of malignant tumors, to fill the gaps in the application of boron neutron capture therapy in the history of Chinese medicine. Specifically, the first hospital for nutrient injection in patients with tumors containing boron, and neutron "bombardment" of the tumor, caused by the violent reaction of boron, to kill cancer cells and to avoid hurting the innocent". September 9, 2015, the device in the first case of melanoma patients in mainland China to achieve the expected objectives of clinical trials. Zhou Yongmao said, this device has China completely independent intellectual property rights, is a typical "civil military integration": one is "nuclear civilian, benefit for the people, the core to realize the low concentration, can smoothly enter the nuclear medical market; on the other hand, the implementation of" national technology and private capital combination. "And will drive the technology development of anti-cancer drugs, cancer surveillance etc.. According to reports, the hospital neutron irradiator core of a furnace charge of sustainable use for 20 years, an average annual unit for 200 to 400 cancer patients. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which is called "the nuclear safety characteristic of the user", has broad application prospects. In Zhou Yongmao’s view, "nuclear" benefits more than that, he with the example of neutron activation analysis, whether it is dating celebrities Newton, Napoleon and Guangxu history of death, or for ordinary people to determine the body lacks what elements can be detected by this method. Speaking outside "the mere mention of the nuclear talks", Zhou Yongmao said, his contact from the College of nuclear has had a process of cognition. Such as nuclear power, he said, not only to see the benefits of nuclear power, "1 kilograms of uranium – 235 release energy equal to 2500 tons of high quality coal", but also noted that the development of nuclear power will bring fundamental problems for the environment, the disposal of nuclear waste is very difficult. Especially the Chernobyl accident, Fukushima nuclear accident, nuclear safety imminent. Honorary president of the Chinese nuclear society, Chinese Academy of Sciences Wang Naiyan, over the years committed to the public science knowledge of nuclear power. He said in an interview during the eighteenth session of the Chinese Association in years, China always adhere to the development and construction of nuclear power safety principle, and constantly improve the level of safety of nuclear power. Not long ago, Wang Naiyan has been through the network broadcast platform and 51 participated in the Hainan nuclear island summer camp "face to face". Academicians are also on the basis of the establishment of nuclear technology industrialization base. According to data from the Chinese nuclear society, the U.S. nuclear technology accounts for 3.5% – 4% of GDP per year, China is currently less than 0.3%. Experts suggest that nuclear medicine, nuclear agriculture, nuclear industry and other areas to cut, the formation of nuclear technology industry chain, and ultimately the formation of the army相关的主题文章: