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A shares rose before the national day accounted for 70% of the plate or the existence of structural opportunities four – Sohu securities this week is the A shares in 2016, the last week of the last trading week before the holiday eleven. In the overall downturn in the market, investors are very tangled. Daily economic news reporter statistics show that since 2000, A shares eleven overall increase in the probability of the previous week is too large, more than 56%, of which, the probability of the last ten years rose to 70%. However, in the eyes of many professionals, in October there should be a wave of market rebound, tourism, public utilities, Qu Kuailian and ST hat four fields may have obvious structural opportunities. Before the market statistics FOMC boots landing A shares, taking advantage of short-term rebound, but the sustainability is not strong, the lack of incremental funds, the market weakness has not changed. It is worth noting that, according to the exchange arrangements, this week will be the last trading day of A shares in 2016 eleven before the holiday. Over the past ten years, A shares, the probability of a long before the holiday rose to 70% in the year of. Some analysts believe that although the past data does not necessarily have a reference, but in general, the probability of eleven long holiday market is relatively high. Since 2000, A shares in the "eleven" in the previous week rose to record 9 times according to the reporter according to historical statistics, A shares in the "eleven" long before the performance is relatively good, nearly ten years ago "eleven" A shares rose 7, down 3 times a week before the rising probability of 70%. Among them, the past ten years, the largest increase in the last week of 2008, in September, when the weekly stock index rose by 10.54%, the worst performance is in 2011, when the year before the week of the Shanghai Composite Index fell by 3.04%. In addition, in 2009 and in 2015 is also a record decline, weekly decline of 2.09% and 1.28%, respectively. In the performance of the rise, in addition to the largest increase in 2008, in 2012, in 2010, in 2007 and in 2006 rose more than 1%. If the time is a little longer, since 2000, A shares in the eleven week before the record up 9 times, accounting for the proportion of 56.25%. Therefore, some analysts believe that, although the historical data in the past reference value in the end how much is difficult to determine, but on the whole, the probability of eleven A shares rose before the big. Generally speaking, whether it is eleven, or the Spring Festival and other holidays, the market will be worried about liquidity, and it will be regarded as bad. But in recent years, before the important festival, the central bank will inject liquidity into the market through short-term financial instruments. In this year’s "eleven" holiday, it should be no exception. Therefore, the basic liquidity concerns can be lifted. This should be said to be good for the market." One does not want to disclose the identity of the brokerage strategy analyst, according to reporters. Chief investment adviser Wanlian securities Gu Zhenhua said last week the central bank has invested 670 billion yuan net, hit a five month high of weekly net invested. Although the central bank intends to weaken the willingness of the agency to increase leverage, but also released a policy of marginal easing signal, investors do not have to worry too much about the end of the quarter liquidity problems, is expected to smooth the face of funds across the season." Hot plate Market four.相关的主题文章: