A group of people playing cards in the hotel, water money to buy drugs, police arrested a person acc-shiyang

A group of people playing cards received Hotel water money to buy drugs police arrest one unexpected fall dead Washington   recently, Changjiang Court concluded a drug trafficking case, the Zhou Department of drug crime recidivism, was sentenced to four years imprisonment, and fined 4000 yuan; Sohn (female) to sell drugs the crime of trafficking and shelter or other drug crimes was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment, fined 3000 yuan. It is reported that, in the middle of February, one night, Zhou and drug addicts, such as a person playing cards in a hotel. In the process of playing cards, Fu proposed to "buy water" way to buy methamphetamine for Zhou, Zhou agreed. Fu et al. In the process of playing cards received 100 yuan "water money" to buy a small packet of about 0.1 grams of methamphetamine, and suck in the field. One night at the end of March, a week in the sun a home at a price of 800 yuan to buy about 5 grams of methamphetamine sohn. In March 22nd 12, Fu Mou, Yang and Lee (dead) in Changjiang County Shilu town in a hotel while playing cards, a character called Zhou carrying two packets of methamphetamine to the hotel room smoking. In the process of playing cards, Fu proposed a "water collection" way to buy methamphetamine Zhou, Zhou agreed. Fu et al collected 100 yuan of "water money", bought a packet of about 0.1 grams of methamphetamine for use in the Zhou dynasty. Subsequently, the police were reported to arrest the implementation of the above personnel, arrested Zhou, Fu, yang. Lee accidentally falls in the escape process, died on the spot. 一伙人宾馆打牌收“水钱”买毒品 民警抓捕一人意外坠亡   本报讯 近日,昌江法院审结一宗贩卖毒品案,其中周某系毒品犯罪累犯,被判处有期徒刑四年,并处罚金4000元;孙某(女)以贩卖毒品罪、容留他人吸毒罪数罪并罚被判处有期徒刑2年,并处罚金3000元。   据悉,2月中旬某日晚上,周某与吸毒人员符某等人在某宾馆打牌。打牌过程中符某提出以“收水”的方式向周某购买冰毒用于吸食,周某表示同意。符某等人在打牌过程中共收了100元“水钱”向周某购买一小包约0.1克的冰毒,并在现场吸食。   3月底某日晚上,周某在孙某家以800元的价格向孙某购买约5克冰毒。3月22日12时许,符某、杨某、李某(已死亡)等人在昌江县石碌镇某宾馆打牌时,符某打电话叫周某携带两小包冰毒到宾馆房间吸食。在打牌过程中,符某提议以“收水”的方式向周某购买冰毒,周某同意。符某等人共收了100元“水钱”,向周某购买一小包约0.1克冰毒用于吸食。随后接到举报的民警对上述人员实施抓捕,当场抓获周某、符某、杨某。李某在逃跑过程中意外坠楼,当场死亡。相关的主题文章: