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Jewelry-Diamonds Here are easy tips for maintaining the shine of your semi precious jewelry. .piled in 5 easy steps, you will not have to worry anymore about your favorite piece. Semi precious jewelry with natural stones is easy to take care of. Many people assume that it would be a tedious task, but you can clean and maintain them in few steps. Depending on the natural stones that your jewelry has, you should adopt the method. You have to be regular when it .es to maintenance as it makes your job easier. Cleaning the jewelry after every use avoids build-up and helps the stones maintain their natural luster. 5simple rules that makes your maintenance easier: Damp Cloth: You will need a soft damp cloth to clean the natural stones like turquoise, jade etc. Gently scrub them and within few strokes, the damp cloth will remove the body oils or dirt on the semi precious jewelry. Never use harsh detergents or ultrasonic cleaner to clean the build up as it may lead to discoloration of the jewelry. Mild Liquid Detergent: Mild liquid detergent can be applied with a soft cloth for cleaning the jewelry that has quartz or amethysts etc. Do not scrub harshly if it is not necessary. Immediately wash it off with cold water and dry it with a lint free cloth. Store the semi precious jewelry away from heat or extreme temperature rooms as it is heat sensitive. .anic Cleaning Products: When you use chemical detergents to clean your jewelry, it will definitely take a toll on it. Hence, you should go for the .anic products that are safe for the natural stones like corals, amber etc. Beauty Care Products: Whenever you are dressing up and applying lotions, perfumes or hairspray do it before you put on your jewelry. The beauty care products tend to build-up easily on the jewelry and destroy it. Especially the natural or semi precious stones would lose their shine. If you are going for a poolside or beach party, take off the jewelry before you take a dip. Storing The Jewelry: Store the jewelry properly when you are not using it for a long time. Along with the jewelry you need to be careful about the stones in it. Cover it in clean muslin cloth to avoid scratches. Cushion the jewelry well in a soft pouch while putting in the box. This way even if the box falls there are no dents or chips on the jewelry. Even if you are not using the semi precious jewelry for a long time, you should pull it out for cleaning. It takes few minutes to wipe it with a damp cloth and store it back. These easy measures will help the jewelry last forever. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: