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.puters-and-Technology Today with the advent of data threats, every organization wants to keep their IT system secure and enhance the information value. Hence, it is important for organizations to realize that information security is not solely about having un.mon passwords and usernames. It is true that privacy regulations and data protection does oblige users with certain obligations. According to Howard Schmidt"s statement, "We need to build security into core fabric – the DNA – of the .puting world.", rightly delineates the need and importance for information security services. Information security services offer numerous benefits to an enterprise. To begin with, it assists in maximizing the productivity by reducing the amount and extent of the security hazards and breaches. As a result of which, the indirect and direct expenses too were reduced. They can be listed down as- "Charges for violating rules and regulations "Customer regulations and notifications "Loss of reputation and goodwill that would lead to user defection and brand devaluation "Expenses that are incurred in recovering the lost information "Low productivity that might be a result of time loss that occurred while investigating and resolving few security attacks Famous IT .panies have .e up with efficient and sound information security solutions. The entire product portfolio has been set up in a manner that it offers financial, strategic and technical benefits to the customers and users. Furthermore, the solutions also helped an organization to move up to a level that it aimed at in terms of information security robustness. This new age information security tools acts as a scanner. At the initial level, it scans through the overall data and internet set up including other various verticals, identifying their strengths as well as weaknesses. Eminent information security service providers have taken on a partnering approach rather than that of a mere service provider. This in turn allows them to assist in offering quality services within a short span of time. There are different categories of information security services offered by the IT .panies. They are:- " Information security consulting "Identity & Access management "Managed security services "Professional SI services A .prehensive and reliable information security always assists in reducing an organization"s overall risk profiles. At the same time, it helps in pumping up the management confidence and conviction to be able to strive ahead to make the most of lucrative opportunities leaving behind the inter. security threats. For instance, an .anization can put forward its best attempt to grab eBusiness projects and deals. In order to implement this and reap the benefits, the management is required to be aware the loss that security attacks can result in. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: