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Business Nebraska is widely recognized as the countrys leading producer and major exporter of agricultural products. It is known for its diversity and capability to produce high-quality grain, livestock, bulk commodities, meat, and other food products. In fact, in 2010, the state generated a total farm cash receipt of $17 billion; thus, contributing to 5.5 percent of the U.S. total earnings. The Cornhusker States agricultural export has consistently improved the countrys farm prices and income. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the states reliance on agricultural exports was at 35 percent generating a $5.9 billion export income in 2008. Its top agricultural exports include: -Feed grains and products ($1.9 billion) -Soybeans and products ($1.5 billion) -Live animals and red meats ($1.1 billion) -Wheat and products ($426 million) -Hides and skins ($391 million) Indeed, the state that was once known as the Great American Desert has now evolved into a rich agriculture resource generating billion dollars every year. Currently, there are approximately 47,200 farms and ranches across Nebraska that is also home to equally skilled producers providing food and fuel to the world. As the leading agricultural producer, farms for sale in Nebraska have experienced unprecedented growth yielding a 22 percent increase in land value. This flourishing success has been accounted to NEs world class food products, such as: -Cow/Calf This industry is considered as NEs largest agricultural sector. According to research, its grain-fed beef is known worldwide for its flavor and quality. Because of this, it continues to generate more than $7.2 billion cash receipts every year. -Hog – NEs hog industry plays a major role in the states agricultural economy. Recent advancement in animal genetics, technology, and management practices has helped the country produce leaner and more nutritious meat. This industry generates approximately $816 million cash receipts every year. -Sheep and Goats – The Cornhusker States sheep and goat herds are known for its meat and fiber. Besides high-protein content, they are specifically bred to produce milk and cosmetic products. -Poultry and Eggs – The Cornhusker State has more than 9 million egg-laying birds. It ranked 12th nationally, producing more than 2.7 billion eggs every year. -Dairy – Milk and dairy products are the most highly regulated foods in the country. There are approximately 210 licensed producers who are in-charge of 58,000 dairy cows statewide. -Corn This product is NEs most widely grown crop. There are about 23,000 corn farmers across the state producing six times more corn during the 1920s. In 2011, 9.85 million acres were utilized for corn production harvesting more than 1.5 bushel. This makes Nebraska the 3rd largest corn producer in the country. Indeed, agriculture is the foundation of NEs economy. It would remain as a competitive market globally as new technology, crops, and marketing strategies continue to diversify. Thus, no other state is better suited in agricultural production than Nebraska. Enthused in buying farms? Visit .lashleyland.. for the finest ranches, recreational land, and farms for sale in Nebraska . About the Author: Lashley Land and Recreational Brokers’, a .pany listing and selling farms, ranches, and recreational land in west central Nebraska, and also a Cabela’s Trophy Properties participating broker since 2004. .mitted to helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals, Rona believes that professionalism and extensive knowledge are keys to creating a seamless real estate experience Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: