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Golf Now that a new golf season is approaching, are you the person looking for ways to improve your game?  Do you want to get your handicap to single digits?  What about more distance off of the tee?  Are you looking to add an extra 10 yards or so to your drives?  Do you want your friends to be amazed at your new-found power off of the tee, without sacrificing accuracy?   You do not want to .promise your golf swing technique in looking to hit the ball further.  There are ways in which you can generate more power off of the tee through the proper setup. Many of the elite pros on tour;  Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, or Sergio Garcia are able to get an extra 15-20 yards off of the tee when a crucial moment arrives during a big tournament.   Young, and players like J.B. Holmes, Camilo Villegas, and Rory McIlroy are able to hit their drives over 330 yards with regularity.   You will probably never be able to attain their length off of the tee.  That is just fact, no matter how much you paid for your Big Bertha Driver.   The select group of top level golf pros all possess factors such as: physical dexterity, hand/eye coordination, and muscle memory factors that separate them from the amateurs.   I don’t know about you, but I am just happy hitting my drives at 250-275 yards, staying in the middle of the fairway.  Still if you would like to add another 10-15 yards of length to your drives, here are some tips to help you generate more power at setup:   1.   Set-up Routine. Start with your normal set-up routine as you address the ball.  There should be a slight bend at the hips; not incorrectly at the waist.  Many amateurs believe the flawed theory that they can generate that extra torque to produce a longer drive off of the tee by bending at the waist.   Bending at the waist will only produce a stifled, awkward and unhinged swing process.  You would not get a longer drive.  Instead, the ball will probably end up getting sprayed in a direction that you did not intend it to go. 2.  Close your stance and put more weight on your front foot. Move your trailing foot back so that the toes are parallel to the middle of your lead foot, in effect closing your stance more than normal.   Shift your body weight so that approximately 60% is on your lead leg; leaving 40% of your body weight on your trailing leg.  You will be leaning a little forward in this new setup position. 3.  Take your normal swing, keeping the same knee bend. You are not trying to swing harder, or faster with regards to your golf swing technique.  The knee bend should remain the same; do not swing from the heels.  Simply focus on shifting your weight and rotating your hands through the impact zone.   Shift your weight slightly forward through the ball as you strike it with your club.  Remember to keep the same follow-through procedure after impact. Getting extra length off of the tee does not involve changing your basic golf swing.  You do not want to swing harder.  You do not have to take the golf club well beyond parallel on the backswing, thinking that you’re the next John Daly.  I would almost guarantee that in attempting this feat, nothing positive will be the final result.  You will only end up scalding the ball wildly, hooking it 40 yards off of the fairway.  Or you will end up only topping the ball; and it will end up bouncing some 10 hops and rolling to a stop barely 75 yards off of the tee.  Gee, now were that to happen, then you really did not get that extra length off of the tee, did you?   In seeking to get extra length off of the tee with regards to your set-up do not change anything about your actual golf swing.  Simply follow the 3 tips listed above, and pretty soon you will amaze the other members of your weekend foursome.  They will be wondering how you did it.  It will be up to you as to whether or not you choose to divulge your little secret! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: