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Finance The Perth Mint is introducing a new product called Pool Allocated Silver for Depository and Certificate clients and making changes to Allocated storage fees. The new product, which will be available from 1 May 2011, operates in a similar way to the current Unallocated silver storage option, which will be withdrawn on the same date. Pricing and other details for this and for Allocated storage fees can be found at the end of this article. With Unallocated silver storage, clients purchased an interest in a pool of silver used to support our refining and manufacturing businesses. We backed every investment by purchasing an equivalent amount of silver from the spot market. The new Pool Allocated product will also be 100% backed, but by specific physical bars stored in The Perth Mints vaults. Clients will own a share of this pool of bars, although an individuals holding will not relate to any specific bar. Lists detailing the weights and numbers of these silver bars will be published daily, along with the total number of pooled bars held on behalf of clients on The Perth Mint corporate website. Were making the change from Unallocated to Pool Allocated because the amount of Unallocated silver we hold on behalf of clients now exceeds that required to support our business activities. We had targeted a certain amount of excess Unallocated buffer stock but rising insurance and other costs plus growing demand have accelerated our decision to close Unallocated. One of the chief benefits of pooling silver bars is that it allows us to offer a low storage fee of 0.95% per annum. Pool Allocated clients will be able to convert their holdings into coins or bars for collection or to store with the Mint as Allocated. From 1 May 2011, no new Unallocated silver accounts will be opened. Existing Unallocated accounts will remain open and free of storage. However, clients will not be permitted to add to their unallocated balances and will only be able to sell or collect. The Perth Mint cannot foresee reopening Unallocated silver for some time. This would only occur if we encountered significant and continued selling by existing Unallocated silver holders. We have primarily attracted buy-and-hold investors and we do not currently see, nor expect to see, any change in this regard. At this stage Unallocated gold is not affected but it too will close at some point as gold demand also continues to be strong. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: