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Customer Service CE Marking Certification Due to the emerging wave of Globalization in today’s modern world, every country whether developed or developing, shares some goods from each other and there is a good relationship in the aspects of trade between the countries. To maintain the relationship between the nations certain parameters are to be focused and implemented so that there cannot be even a single chance of misunderstanding between the two. On time delivery, quality and quantity are the primary prerequisite that plays a very crucial role when the products are to be sold. There are several governing or certification authorities whose task is to provide the certification to the .panies and the products that have been manufactured. The CE Marking Certification, which was formerly known as EC Marking, is a certificate that is very much required in the marking of products that have been sold in the European Economic Area (EEA) from mid 1993. CE Marking stands for "European Conformity", which was originally named as Conformity Europeans, and announces that the product meets all the criteria and requirements of EC guidelines. The CE Marking is a European product and is applicable only in the European market. After affixing CE Marking, the product is in .pliance with the legislation, wherever it is manufactured and is free to move in the European market. The manufacturer holds the sole responsibility with conformity meeting all the legal requirements. The CE Marking has been introduced in the market with the intention of global market enforcement and the surveillance. CE Marking is required for all types of businesses whether belonging to small or large scale. Before attaining this marking, it is very much difficult for the business firms to sell out their products and they have to face lot of obstacles in performing their task. As this mark indicate the quality and have a high reputation in the market so it is not easy to introduce this symbol in the products. After the verification process, the quality of the products is validated and are considered or announced as user-friendly or safe in use. However to adopt CE Marking, item have to prove itself and have to go through distinct levels of testing ISO Certification India . This marking is not easy to attain and there are 27 states who are the member of European Union (EU). Whenever products are to be selling, proper confirmation must be send and displayed to the EU and the product must met the standards, After successfully .pletion of meeting the standards and requirements, the product have been granted a document of Declaration of Conformity (DoC). T ISO 14001 Certification 相关的主题文章: