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Web-Design A computer style sheet language that is used to style documents written in HTML, XHTML, XUL, SVG and other mark up languages is the CSS Templates or Cascading Style Sheets. It is primarily a system for highlighting text, which is different from rules or patterns of normally used syntax. It is used in editorial instructions, typesetting instructions etc. It is the most used format in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), which is the type seen in formats for documents of the World Wide Web. It can be widely argued that apart from the notion of URLs and free distribution of browsers, the use of HTML in descriptive mark up is one of the major contributors in the success of the Web. CSS Templates is also a major contributor in the development of XML- Extensible Markup Language, which is a widely used Meta mark up language. The singular purpose of XML was to simplify SGML. The application is exclusively for Web Documents. It is extensible because it allows the users to create tags and their description and usage. The main purpose of CSS Templates is to highlight the content of a document so that it is distinctly different from the rest of the presentation. The distinctive elements of such presentation include layout, font and color. This helps in highlighting the intended characteristics and gives more flexibility and control in the presentation. It also facilitates multiple pages to share formatting and reduces repetition in the structural content. It is used in web designs and changes the appearance of hundreds of pages by altering just one file. One of the fundamental features of CSS Templates is that authors can attach a style sheet of their preference while the readers can have their own personal choice of style sheet to suit their individual needs and technological drawbacks. Another advantage is that the style sheet is usually stored in the browser. This enables usage on multiple pages without reloading, thus reducing data transfer on a network and greatly increasing download speeds. In situations, which necessitate changing, or adjusting the styling of elements, it can be easily achieved by editing a few rules in the main or global style sheets. The effects of such changes are felt on the entire site. Such maintenance works were very time consuming and expensive in the past. CSS Templates have vastly reduced the cost of such operations. However, the biggest advantage of this system is the vast amounts of flexibility it offers by combining with the working of a Content Management System. Depending on the layout needs of an author or editor, the program evaluates, styles, and positions them according to the pre-defined style for that type of layout. Large and complex sites such as news and informational sites benefits tremendously from such flexibility offered. There are innumerable companies that offer free web site templates for various types of applications. The type will depend on the theme and the number of pages you need for construction. There are products that are designed for specific applications like a music related site or real estate specific page. Since digital products are not returnable, it is necessary to make sure that the product will match your needs. Similarly, there are free blog templates, which you can use for customizing the page as per your needs. The process is simple with the blogger help files taking you through the process in very easy and simple steps. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: