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Many people are still unaware of the term Electronic Discovery and those who have heard about it dont have a clear idea what is it all about. E-discovery service has evolved as a great way of retrieving lost data. Within a few years e-discovery has become a mainstream practice. With the help of this service you can actually solve many problems whether they are related to your office or your personal life. If you are wondering what exactly is electronic discovery then we can put it this way: electronic discovery is the retrieval of important documents stored in various electronic sources. The use of e-discovery services has increased rapidly. People use different electronic devices to create, store as well as transfer data. Hence retrieval of lost data has also become a great challenge. Every moment countless data are being transferred electronically across the globe. This may cause data loss or data alteration. Loss of valuable data is a great problem. Electronic discovery enables you to retrieve the lost or changed data. Electronic discovery services enable the recovery of data from any kind of source such as computers, tapes, back up medias like floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, software, source code, hard disk, CAD/CAE/CAM, intranet and internet content, Zip drives, Jaz drives, graphics, fax servers, network activity systems, internet service providers, cell phones, personal digital assistants, pagers, electronic or video or voice mail as well as special databases including CRM, ERP etc. The e-discovery software tools can effectively categorize, search as well as sort for valuable data in their native format. Documents can be redacted and reports can be generated within a few minutes. The software tools are quite compatible with MIME, RTF, TXT and HTML file formats. The tools can also categorize the data by types and convert them into specified formats including JPEG, TIFE or PDF. Many companies offer e-discovery services to solve your data loss or data alteration problem. Some of the most popular service providers include Electronic Evidence Discovery Inc., Daticon, Renew Data Corp, Kroll Ontrack Inc., Applied Discovery Inc., ZANTAZ Inc., Fios Inc., KPMG and SPI Litigation Direct, Ibis Consulting and many more. If you need to avail electronic discovery service the software programs you can depend on include CaseMap, Concordance, Summation, Attenex, Livenote, Access, iConnect, Encase and Introspect. Many of the service providers offer free demo versions of the software so that you can decide whether it is going to serve your purpose. However there are limited applications available as free demo. The best option is to avail a full fledged software package which is quite affordable. The starting range of such a software package is $1,000. The price range varies according to the options available. 5 Benefits Of Hiring Employment Lawyers By: Audrey L. 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