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Business An alcohol license allows a person to sell alcohol in a particular premise. When the governing body of the city such as the city council determines that the person who has applied for a personal license is eligible of possessing this license, it authorizes the municipalities of the town to issue him the license. An alcohol selling or catering business taking place without a license is considered to be illegal. One thing that the businessmen usually get confused with is whether permits and licenses are the same thing or they differ in any way. The answer is that they are different as permits are required by those who have a wholesale business of alcohol or are involved in production of alcohol, whereas, an alcohol personal licence is needed by alcohol retailers. Types of alcohol licences: There are various kinds of alcohol permits and licenses but a few of them are more commonly required and issued by the authorities. Here are the common licenses issued: – Class A fermented Malt beverage licence "" A person possessing this kind of a license is allowed the sale of malt beverages like beer in his premises like grocery stores. It allows only off- site consumption. – Class A liquor licence "" For selling intoxicated liquor such as wine, a person would need this kind of a license. For instance, the liquor shops and grocery stores that keep full range of liquors for sale will need this type of licence. It also allows off- site drinking only. – Class B fermented malt beverage license "" It is just the same as the class A malt beverage license with a consent of on and off site consumption. Premises like restaurants and beer bars would need this kind of a licence for a legal operation. – Class B liquor licence "" Same as Class a liquor license, but with the additional permission of consuming liquor on site. If asked for, the licensing authority can also permit the sale of liquor up to four liters in the original containers for consuming off site. The state laws of some states also allow to take over an opened bottled of wine if taken with a meal. – Class C wine licence "" Under this type of alcohol license, it is allowed to carry a single resealed bottle with sold with meal. – Temporary Class B licences "" These types of licenses are needed if you want to sell retail beer and/or wine on temporary basis. For instance, during festive seasons or special events like fairs, these licenses can be taken. The laws for acquiring these licenses are more firm. Often only local fair associations, churches, lodges, societies and bona- fide clubs which are formed for more than six months are granted these licenses. These are also called picnic licenses. The fee imposed for obtaining the licence is dependent upon the kind of alcohol personal licence. It also varies from state to state. The state authorities can also grant other kinds of licenses depending upon the circumstances. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: