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  Original, fresh, transversal and ultra-refined. The signature brand’s creativity pairs fabrics and colour with an extremely recognisable balance, characterised by illustrations and animal prints that form the unmistakable habitat au jour le jour. Exclusive

materials; baby and pastel hues mixed with vibrant, bright colours; materials and colours come together for a sophisticated and ultra-modern spirit; high definition jewel decorations and embroideries. Every collection is entirely produced in Italy, because

the quality of Made in Italy is not a detail but a style statement, which stands for excellence and uniqueness. From the overcoats to the clothes, from the suits to the knitwear, from the eyewear to sneakers, each wardrobe’s garment reflects an aesthetic which

enjoys telling a new, captivating story every time. Mainly inspired by real people and their everyday lives, their personal, free and spontaneous expression, like the cheerful and glamorous image of the au jour le jour creations