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National network information office to carry out special rectification of the recruitment website for further crack down illegal recruitment website promises chaos, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, promote the construction of network integrity, recently, the national network information office with the relevant departments in the country to start the recruitment website of serious violations of dishonesty "special rectification work. In recent years, the rapid development of the recruitment website, has played a positive role in solving the employment information asymmetry, promote employment, but there are also some serious dishonesty or even illegal behavior. The national network information office recruitment website before and after the Spring Festival to carry out special rectification, this time is the peak of job recruitment, migrant workers, college students will have a lot of attention, the recruitment website. Reporters learned that the object of the special rectification work includes a comprehensive recruitment website, graduate recruitment website, industry recruitment websites and other recruitment websites (including recruitment website, recruitment website APP channel). National Network Information Office official reports, the special rectification work will focus on "three resolutely": one is the use of the implementation of the recruitment website organized fraud Gang resolutely investigate and deal with the two is the use of the recruitment website; the implementation of prostitution, illegal pyramid Gang three is resolutely investigate; resolutely investigate and deal with the recruitment website allegedly occurred, resort to deceit improper operation and connivance of serious violations of dishonesty. The special rectification work will focus on strengthening the construction of the network integrity requirements, recruitment website must implement the true identity of the user information registration, new users must be registered with the true identity information of the registered, no real identity information, must be a deadline to supplement real identity information, there is no real identity registration deadline for users, must be clearly marked in the the website platform, and gradually clear off. National Network Information Office official said that the special rectification will continue to carry out social supervision and exposure, Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center will promptly accept social complaints, timely disposal of feedback. The report highlights include: the recruitment website cheating extortion, fraud; carry out pornography, by recruitment website marketing activities; recruitment website malicious disclosure of user registration information; recruitment website, the default user condone the illegal acts of dishonesty; recruitment sites suspected of false website, false advertising behavior such as resort to deceit. Hope that all sectors of the community and the masses to actively report, boycott the serious violation of dishonesty recruitment website. The public can report complaints by dialing 12377, mail jubao@12377, or login to the reporting center website.

国家网信办开展招聘网站专项整治   为进一步依法打击招聘网站违规失信乱象,维护群众合法权益,促进网络诚信建设,近日,国家网信办联合有关部门在全国范围内启动“招聘网站严重违规失信”专项整治工作。   近年来,招聘网站发展迅速,在解决就业信息不对称、促进就业等方面发挥了积极作用,但是也出现了一些严重失信甚至违法违规行为。此次国家网信办在春节前后开展招聘网站专项整治,这个时间也是求职招聘的高峰期,进城务工、大学生求职都会有很多人关注、使用招聘网站。记者了解到,此次专项整治工作的对象包括综合人才招聘网站、毕业生招聘网站、行业招聘网站等各类招聘网站(含网站招聘频道、招聘网站APP)。   国家网信办有关负责人介绍,此次专项整治工作将突出“三个坚决查处”:一是利用招聘网站实施有组织诈骗行为的团伙坚决查处;二是利用招聘网站实施卖淫嫖娼、非法传销行为的团伙坚决查处;三是招聘网站涉嫌弄虚作假、不正当运营、纵容严重违规失信行为发生的坚决查处。   此次专项整治工作将着力加强网络诚信建设,要求招聘网站必须实行用户真实身份信息注册,新增用户必须以真实身份信息注册,对已注册、无真实身份信息的,必须限期补充真实身份信息,对限期仍无真实身份信息注册的用户,必须在网站平台上给予明显标注,并逐步清理销户。   国家网信办有关负责人表示,此次专项整治将继续开展社会监督和曝光工作,中国互联网违法和不良信息举报中心将及时受理社会举报投诉,及时处置反馈。举报重点内容包括:利用招聘网站欺骗敲诈、骗取财物的;利用招聘网站开展色情、传销活动的;招聘网站恶意泄露用户注册信息的;招聘网站默认、纵容用户违规失信行为发生的;招聘网站涉嫌假网站、假广告等弄虚作假行为的。希望社会各界和广大群众踊跃举报,共同抵制严重违规失信的招聘网站。公众可以通过拨打12377、邮件jubao@12377,或者登录举报中心网站进行举报投诉。相关的主题文章: