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Selected books classification, take a look at this article – I am overseas education group Sohu maternal hair mother Carol for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, parent-child reading practice here and 100 thousand mother exchange experience hair mother always advocated English enlightenment books reading. Readability and artistic picture, to bring the child’s influence, is far more important than "reading skills". But I don’t reject graded readings. First learn to read, then learn by reading. This is also a lot of experts in North America suggested a more effective reading line. A set of authoritative reading books, can help her mother clear the idea of enlightenment. However, if there are 1 or more sets of grade books, children do not exclude, this article basically no use for you. Sometimes, to read a book, far more than the election to be important of two minds. This article is for those mothers who hesitate to choose which graded readings. It needs to be repeated that Mao is not going to tell you which grade book to choose. I just want you to know how to choose the right one. – – – you choose classification of books, mainly to consider what factors? To answer this question, we have to return to the original intention of the classification of reading books. In the selection of books, to clarify the functions of different categories of books. We selected grade books, can gradually improve their English reading ability, when the factor is our priority. Let’s take a look at the following categories of books to see how they can improve their reading ability. Oxford Reading Tree currently introduced in China with level1-6 levels. Basically can let the children from the two or three simple words, advanced to independent reading fluency. This book is very scientific and elaborate advanced settings. It is reflected in the following aspects of the system: high frequency words gradually increased from the beginning of level 2, in the story of the increase in the face of high frequency words. After each reading, the child can be familiar with 5-10 high-frequency words. So the level6 brush, probably can understand 30-50 high-frequency words. Basically reach the level of independent reading. Pronunciation training than the system each level is not only equipped with 6 story books, there are more than 6 stories and Phonics book. Practice letter sound, vowels, consonants, syllables, etc. in stories and games. From level1 sound to letter can be read out a couple of level6 can complete the sentence read out, have a good transition and advanced. Level1 through the I spy game, so that children are familiar with the letter sound level3 began deliberately lists some of the key words pronunciation, and into the story. For example, the following CH and oo. this is I admire the Oxford tree. Many parents believe that reading is to read and understand it. Actually not so. Children do not have a sense of voice and phonemic awareness, you can not grasp the natural fight!相关的主题文章: