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# pretended to be unmanned area behind the hot. # car prices should be how to do marketing? September 12th – Sohu, who pretended to be # unmanned area cardboard # in micro-blog lit just two days more than 10 million people read the # pretend topic in uninhabited areas # also on that day in September 12th on the topic list ten comments is a hilarious story of the story is this: there are two brothers together to resign to see the world among them, a scruples did not resign, his friend with his 1:1 model to run unmanned area tour pal, let the brothers # pretend to # unmanned area, also drying out the pile force funny photos, is really "pretend to walk you through the road, pretending to look at the scenery you’ve seen, we pretend to be together". After that, @ Li Tiegen, @ sword grapes, @ micro-blog, such as the consumption of large V to participate in the topic of discussion, a moment of excitement. All of this is "behind the scenes" as the "director of Dongfeng Nissan X-Trail in unmanned area III — Tianshan ideal" activities planned creative marketing. The author believes that the reason of the topic of popular is pinpoint the emotional appeal of city people longing for passion of life, the perennial scene of debauchery of city life, so that every city people are eager to go out and see the world. "The trail unmanned area" is also based on the consumer’s true emotional appeal and carry out marketing activities, has been third years. In the first two quarters of the unmanned area activities, not only can indulge in novelty Chun Dunhuang desert in Gobi, but also through Linhaixueyuan, Xingkai Lake, foot gallop ice trace the Sino Russian border, and writing belong to off-road King powerful strength and character charm. It can be said that the accumulation of a certain brand assets before dawn two quarter unmanned area "for the novelty Chun, also let the off-road performance and tag it more popular. In this year, Nissan launched the "novelty Chun – III in uninhabited areas of Tianshan ideal" activities, in addition to allow participants to experience the geographically uninhabited areas, through the natural and spiritual challenge challenge, advocate and encourage more confident passionate enterprising found true, break the shackles, the release of the real me. Consumer demand is changing, the performance of the market is sufficient to illustrate the problem with the SUV consumer trends swept, SUV user groups younger trend is obvious. Young consumers are no longer satisfied with the life they yearn for immutable and frozen, passion and adventure, outdoor car increasingly strong demand. Novelty Chun have tough off-road performance, qualified people to support the natural uninhabited areas of dreams. Brand new product trail tension and charm, ignited the desire to conquer cross-country, very environment people in uninhabited areas of passion. The novelty Chun served and the desire for longer than cross-country cross-country, yearning for the passion life psychological off. Through the "dawn land", let nature spirit and people of new X-Trail desire for spiritual freedom and passion of life, exploration, energy release fit; let the novelty Chun Buweijianxian, fearless challenge to brand tonality and young people, Zhinanershang brave challenge feelings fit. The new trail is "City + comprehensive performance off-road" oriented and development models, intended to fill most of city SUV models only city, not off-road "gap in the market, not only excellent.相关的主题文章: