More than half of Chinese tourists trapped in the earthquake stricken areas of New Zealand had issue 申威1600

China more than tourists trapped in New Zealand earthquake sent a distress message original title: Chinese tourists trapped in New Zealand earthquake embassy launched the emergency mechanism of Xinhua news agency, Christchurch on 14 November, (reporter Su Liang) Chinese in Christchurch consulate said 14 day morning, the South Island of New Zealand and the central region 7.5 earthquake occurred a series of strong aftershocks, there are a dozen tourists stranded Chinese hit seaside town of Kai ikura. At present, the Consulate General has been in contact with the stranded tourists to visit and provide emergency supplies. After the earthquake, China ambassador to New Zealand Wang Lutong immediately convened the meeting, launched the emergency response mechanism, and the Consulate in Oakland, the total China Christchurch consulate launched linkage deployment against Chinese students, staff and visitors, timely investigation, response, help develop effective solutions, while maintaining contact with the new party, released safety warning etc.. It is understood that stranded Chinese tourists are free to travel. After the earthquake, the local water and electricity, communications network was also poor, some tourists call for help information in the mobile phone before running out of power. 1 of them suffered minor injuries to the head of the tourists, the treatment has not been affected. 100 kilometers from the epicenter of Kay Kula Karl Forden John, a series of strong aftershocks occurred on the same day, the majority of magnitude 5, the maximum magnitude of 6.2, become the hardest hit worthy of the name. The earthquake and tsunami, the first wave of the tsunami wave height of about two meters, arrived at the South East Coast in the morning on the 14 day, people in coastal regions have completed the safe transfer of risk. Kay Kula road leading to the outside world were damaged in the earthquake interrupted, the town was isolated, the only contact with the outside world for the transport of helicopters. At present, Chinese in Christchurch, the consulate was called up to a small helicopter to the disaster area to visit Chinese stranded tourists, and for them to bring drinking water and food and other emergency supplies. 14 local time at 0:00 on the 2, 7.5 earthquake occurred in the central area of the South Island of new zealand. Since then, frequent aftershocks of 5 or above, mainly concentrated in the northeastern region of South Island of new zealand. New Zealand Prime Minister John · confirmed that at least 2 people were killed in the earthquake. Editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: