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The daughter of a full moon husband to feast, my mother’s words make you my husband and mother – Sohu are university students, every day we are inseparable. We work three years after the mortgage to buy a house to get married, all the preparations for the wedding is my husband and myself for. They have been when shuaishouzhanggui, whether manpower we have not expected. We got married after her mother had been giving us the "straw" – let us as soon as possible to give birth to a child. My husband and I were not intended to offend her mother-in-law’s meaning, and soon I was pregnant. My mother learned that I was pregnant immediately after the news came from the mountains, she threw herself at me. As long as she come down to find my Laoke every day, bangqiaoceji asked me the sex of the child. I smiled and said: "boys and girls do not matter." Mother said: "you must give birth to a boy, so I went out on the face to face." I said: "in fact, what is the relationship between child sex, as long as the child is healthy." My mother-in-law heard me say it is not in the heart. I love acid during pregnancy, her mother happy. Every day she changed the way to do all kinds of sour food for me, give me back the acid fruit. Her mother-in-law said to me: "sour son spicy female, 80% your belly is pregnant with a boy!" I enjoy the queen for ten months of treatment, I finally gave birth a cute little princess. My husband had a little lover for him, he was grinning from ear to ear, and her mother has been a. Daughter finally full moon, her husband to give her daughter a full moon wine, to invite friends and family to the home lively. But her mother-in-law said to us: "the birth of a girl film, there is nothing to celebrate it! It was not only a waste of money, but also lost face." The husband said: "Mom, I love her daughter, clever and considerate. If I had a son, I really don’t want to do a full moon wine, my daughter is my life, I would like to give her all the best!" In fact, both boys and girls are parents of children, the elderly do not have to worry too much about the child’s gender, child health is the most important. I always love to buy things on the Internet, the husband abandon me money, buy something expensive! He had great difficulty, from his friend introduced me to a skirt, there are a lot of Tao Baotian cat inside coupons, shopping value, free to receive any Tmall store coupons, any store can be used, not to be too stingy, so everyone to share, buttoned skirt, skirt if [36426O8] never let you in, you say is Nathan friends.相关的主题文章: