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Zhang Yishan Thanksgiving return "home with kids" lift the sitcom new wave Sohu Sohu Zhang Yishan entertainment entertainment news recently, "families with children" edition "families with children" at the beginning of September 15th broke the news of a boot upgrade, after Zhang Yishan Thanksgiving return, the original drama actor Yalin Gao, Sheng Guansen, Zhang Yiwen, Song Dandan and Yang Zi continue to confirm, and we can quickly build other touches the hearts of the audience, with the wonderful memories of happy times, enthusiastic netizens are on the play in self heating. Situation comedy market in the home has children grow up, driven by the audience and the infinite expectations, or will regain the momentum to create a new climax. Twelve years ago, the "family with children" was born, the four series is still in the CCTV and TV stations repeatedly broadcast, and exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, the global viewing trips over 16 billion times, click on the network up to 2 trillion and 500 billion times, created the sitcom ratings of God, to form a unique brand value. Recently, the upgraded version, IP sitcom "family children early maturity" produced wide natural selection in the media, and the media announced that it will officially start in September 15th. In March it announced to join the series in 2004 Zhang Yishan had produced the first season of "families with children" as the "funny clown" Liu Xing this year, left a deep impression in the minds of the audience. More than and 10 years, Zhang Yishan had been tepid, even Tucao star long residual ", but by virtue of this summer in the" Yu "in the crime of the show, Zhang Yishan has become a new hot entertainment, which plays" remaining crime "is the image of" Pi handsome "get fans praise. "Each veins are clamoring for acting, toes will act" Zhang Yishan, now in the fresh push bar television interpretation of a different kind of style, ushered in a new peak of career. Along with acting by the industry and the audience highly recognized, Zhang Yishan film about the full schedule has been ranked by the middle of next year, but in such a busy state, Zhang Yishan not only the first to determine the regression in the "family with children early maturity", also called the "family" had positive co starred in. Zhang Yishan said, there is no sin, we may have forgotten him, but if there is no 12 years ago, the family has children, may not be an actor, there will be no confidence on the actor’s road. Zhang Yishan broker Zhang Shan had mentioned in the media interview: starred in the first generation of children have grown up, the male one, in addition to what age out of what the drama of the consideration, the more important is the heart of thanksgiving". The upgraded version is expected to lead a full return of warmth memories as a matter of fact, the audience wants to shoot an adult version of the original cast "families with children" has been the voice can be heard without end. In the high-profile Zhang Yishan file "families with children early maturity", father Yalin Gao confirmed to return, "mother" Song Dandan and Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi staged frequent memories in micro-blog kill "," meet in late September, see "the drama side also revealed that Zhang Yishan in" the home has two buddies children "will also be back in," keyboard "," mouse "played by Sheng Guansen and Zhang Yiwen will take part in the" family with children beginning to grow up ". The play also.相关的主题文章: