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This brand of sanitary napkins tell you by night on WeChat ads sold 1000 single – Sohu of science and technology in 2016 is known as the red first year, with Mongolia, PAPI sauce with the red net quickly became popular, coupled with the upgrading of consumption, the content of business and a series of concepts of baptism, red net has become a realization by the electricity supplier granted. According to the new statistics: every 7 WeChat large, there are 1 in the content of the electricity supplier. WeChat public high quality content in the continuous output and operation of precipitation, will form a unique style tonality, gathered from a number of fans have a sense of belonging to the public, trust and dare to try to recommend the public number. Over time, the public has become a relatively accurate number of channels of communication. However, when we asked the electricity supplier circle of friends, you have not voted large? How about the effect? The conclusion is: either did not cast, or the effect is bleak. So, the so-called content electricity supplier, in the end is the fact or the bubble, there is no way, so that the brand can continue to produce a large amount of income? I’m Zhang Xiaoer, co-founder of light life sanitary napkins. In 2014 my partner Tiancheng to give his girlfriend with a napkin and do not allergies, created this brand of light of life. We began to put WeChat public advertising from mid May, statistics as of August 31st, light life spent a total of 112 WeChat public number, total advertising costs of about 1 million 200 thousand, produced by direct sales of about 6 million 100 thousand, the average ROI is more than 1:5, our price less than 80 yuan, in addition to the weekend, even down to 1000 single day. Light life and the number of public forms of cooperation in general there are two: one is to pay a single promotion fee, one is in accordance with the actual sales. The input and output estimation than advertising, we usually go to the calculation of a parameter, called "single reading cost", a number of reading costs in the 112 large, light life the lowest 0.15 yuan, the highest in 1.1 yuan; the average is about 3~5 cents a; if more than 7 hair, we will be very careful consideration. Overall, the lower the cost, the higher the roi. In accordance with the actual sales into the model, the benefits of risk control, but the difficulty is that many large early acceptance of this form of cooperation. In fact, for the high conversion rate of the product, according to the sale of the way to cooperate, the number of public income is often much higher than the cost of advertising. It should be noted that the number of fans of the public number, the number of reading, the number of points like comments, comments and so on are able to brush. Light life has encountered a public number called everyone, the indicators seem very good, but after the real cooperation, found that the amount of reading 100000+ behind, into the store UV only 80 people, the final consumption of only 8 people. This is the light of life met in more than and 100 large cooperation water in the largest number, hope that other people can avoid the sinkhole, also hope that Tencent can strengthen the supervision and governance of public brush data. According to our more than three months of thinking and experience, we found that, want to make a beautiful vote number, must.相关的主题文章: