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Two well-known hot money rush to raise the biological Yung snow jointly approach stroke rebound sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money original title: snow Yung biological two hot money together to grab a rebound of new shares, listed in June 14th this year. The company’s main mushroom research and development, plant cultivation and sales. 2015 annual output of more than 100 thousand tons of edible fungi, revenue of $1 billion 19 million, net profit of $123 million 350 thousand. The company is the largest mushroom producers, 77.66% of the total revenue from mushroom. Since the technology is far ahead of the country, the company in 2015 R & D investment of less than 3 million yuan, a total of 16 researchers. The company has 633 family rooms in the country, on the mushroom production capacity of 304 tons, 26 tons of production capacity, letinous edodes hypsizigusmarmoreus day production capacity of 130 tons, a total of 460 tons. Two on the secondary market, the stock opened higher yesterday, after the move, close at midday trading, but the number of samples, ultimately to close at limit price. All day long exchange rate 20.18%. Charts show the five buy seats bought a total of 61 million 312 thousand and 200 yuan, accounting for 14.33% of the volume. All of the securities business department, of which the first two famous hot money where the business department. Five sell seats sold a total of $3076.74, accounting for 7.19% of turnover, all securities business department. Comments: the stock price in a way down the highest price of 78.49 yuan after yesterday is oversold rally, the turnover rate of 20%, a firm main sealing plate. In addition, the valuation given by the broker is less than 40 yuan, the stock price is overvalued. Investors should not intervene. JINGWAH Times reporter Chen Yan into the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: