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50 billion 600 million: 20 shares of the main funds funds for key attack 8 shares (list) Sina App: Live on-line blogger to help guide the stock masters 20 years experience in Sina veteran financial news in August 25th, Shanghai refers to a low narrow range, near the late two, the decline narrowed to rebound. Statistics show that the turnover of the two cities in the top 20 stocks were more than $1 billion 600 million, becoming the focus of the game market funds. Chinese film turnover of more than 9 billion 300 million yuan, ranking first. In the top ten of the other stocks are: Vanke A, Bank of Guiyang, Pacific, CITIC Guoan, Langfang development, the company’s shares, Huang’s group, Dongxu optoelectronics, Hang Seng electronics. Statistics show that only TOP20 popularity shares a total turnover of more than 50 billion 600 million yuan, nearly two of the total turnover of 10%, according to sina finance level2; capital flow chart shows that in the 20 stocks in the 12 stocks are the main outflow of capital, the Dongxu photoelectric main net outflow of funds 321 million yuan, ranking first, CITIC Guoan, Huangshi Hundsun, AVIC capital group, the main net outflow of funds more than 200 million yuan, the development of Langfang, Qianjiang shares, Western securities, sudawei, junior water main net outflow of funds more than 100 million yuan, the Bank of Jiangsu Huangshanghuang, the main net outflow of funds has reached 10 million. In addition, there are 8 stocks showed a net inflow of capital funds today, which Chinese film the main net inflows reached a staggering 3 billion 280 million yuan, Xinhua winshare net capital inflows more than 600 million yuan, Vanke A, Bank of Guiyang, Pacific, Wu Tong holding the main net inflows of more than 100 million yuan, a net inflow of rainbow, Jinke the main entertainment also reached tens of millions of funds. The query and understanding of the hands of the stocks of capital flows, monitor trends in the main funds, may be concerned about the Sina level2 daily (as low as 0.82 yuan, you can enjoy Sina A Level2 stock market, real time reveals the main trends in funding to help you tazhun rhythm in the transaction. Click to view details). Please see the table below specific data: August 25th two city turnover ranking TOP20 code name price (%) price (yuan) turnover (million) the main flow of funds accounted for the main sh600977 film 6.03 Chinese 38.83 3 billion 280 million yuan Vanke A 35.08% sz000002 -1.88 23.54 126 million 2.99% 1.02 20.77 yuan sh601997 Bank of Guiyang 382 million yuan 11.02% Pacific 5.68 sh601099 6.7 238 million 9.43% sz000839 -2.87 11.17 CITIC Guoan -2.46 billion -10.58% sh600149 -4.1 -1.79 30.91 development of Langfang billion -7.85% sz300020 Enjoyor 4.19 -1.72 21.4 yuan -7.70% sz002329 Huangshi group on -9.相关的主题文章: