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Music You want to present your product, app or service in an engaging and fresh way while capturing the attention and imagination of your intended audience? Were not talking about your grandfather’s corporate video voice-of-god approach. We mean good storytelling that is entertaining AND disarming. In other words, un-marketing marketing. (And P.S. You only have three minutes or less to do it.) Meet the explainer video How did the phenomenon of the explainer video come to be? No one knows for sure, but we suspect it was a combination of influences from This American Life to Story of Stuff. The voice of the explainer video is like your buddy who wants to tell you a good story. Straight talk from a trusted friend. Here are five essential ingredients to the explainer video: 1.) Know Your Audience The golden rule of marketing. There are standard marketing demographics that every business should consider when selling a product or service: age, gender, income level, etc. But its also good to brainstorm a list of questions that help pull out the essence of your target audience. What would they do on a Friday night? What inspires them? Whats their favorite wild animal? You get the idea. Knowing your audience on a much deeper level than the surface will help you evoke the right kind of emotion in your final product. 2.) Use Conversational Tone Think about how you would explain an idea to your buddy or neighbor. This is the kind of tone you want to exude in your video. Its important for your video to not sound like a marketing or sales pitch. The phenomenon of using a conversational tone is that you disarmingly gain the attention of your target audience while instilling a need for your product or service. 3.) Keep it Simple Its natural to want to cram as much information as possible about your product or service. When producing an explainer video less is more. Write a list of all the benefits and then prioritize them in order of importance. How would you describe your product or service in five words? You want to give your audience enough information to entice them without giving away the farm. The industry standard for an explainer video script is 150 words. 4.) Identify Pain Points and Resolve Them Everyone loves a good story. And every good story has a plot that is driven by conflict and resolution. The most compelling way to hook your audience is to quickly present the drama or the area of opportunity. Then visually show how your product or service improves your target customers pain points and how their lives would be much better off if they used your product or service. 5.) Create Action to Make Calls for Action The best way to captivate your target audience is to create action that illustrates how your product or service will benefit them. Show your audience the consumer journey of your product or service. Dont tell them how it works. Throw them right into the action as if they were experiencing the story in the moment. The visual narrative will make your audience feel connected and more likely to endorse your brand. Here is an example of a well-executed explainer video for Accellion that combines live action with visual motion graphics. Two characters were created to demonstrate the targeted audiences user experience, while 2-D animations visually explain the technology of Accellions mobile file sharing solutions. http://www.studiobfilms.com/content/accellion-kitepoint?category=25 Studio B Films has been in the business of storytelling and explainer videos for over 18 years. They have helped make dozens of successful videos for Adobe, Accellion, and many other reputable clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: