5 Distinctions Between Mobile And Desktop Devices That Must Be Considered During Software Creation-ca1477

Software Today a user has a wide choice of diverse .puters. They are of various sizes, performance capacities; they possess this and that characteristics. All of them are smart machines supporting different web and native applications and allowing to perform many similar operations, interact with the same programs as many modern software products have both desktop and mobile versions. So, it seems that differences between various .puters are not so meaningful for ordinary users, and they matter only for .puter geeks, software developers, and other .puter savvy people. .monly Utilized Technical Characteristics of Mobile and Desktop Devices Are: – speed of Central Processing Unit; – speed of Graphics Processing Unit; – storage space; – Random Access Memory; – battery life; – speed of interaction with Internet and other outside systems. Both mobile and desktop devices are usually selected basing on these characteristics. They also are taken into account during software construction and testing. Any software testing .pany would agree that experts in mobile application testing , desktop testing and web site testing must clearly understand that distinctions between mobile devices and personal .puters are significant. The Main Distinctions Between Desktop and Mobile Devices Are: 1. Size. It is obvious that a smartphone or a tablet is smaller than a laptop or personal .puter. 2. Mobile devices have more physical limitations than personal .puters. That is why different from desktop technologies are used for this type of devices. 3. Architecture. Though the same parameters are used to characterize a tablet and a laptop, and they may seem similar for both devices, one should keep in mind that a personal .puter is almost always more powerful than a smartphone or tablet. 4. There is usually more disk space on a personal .puter than on a mobile device. 5. One works on a laptop or other desktop device utilizing a mouse and keyboard. These accessories are hardly used for work on a tablet or smartphone. One interacts with mobile devices via touch screen, gesturing and moves of the tablet or smartphone. These distinctions have a great impact on software products, peculiarities of their design, functions and features, ways of interaction. Even if a program is available on mobile devices and personal .puters, it has two versions: one is created for desktop devices; the other is adapted for smartphones and tablets. One must elaborate software products and their mobile or desktop versions basing on specificities of mobile and desktop technologies. Web site testing , desktop testing and mobile testing often prove that failing this always results in software products of poor quality. 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