5 cents a pack of sanhuangpian Xi’an difficult to buy do not make money for place-hyuna

5 cents a pack of sanhuangpian Xi’an difficult to buy do not make money for local reporter Li Anding photo newspaper news (reporter Li Anding) a pack of 50 Fen sanhuangpian, high quality and inexpensive, also under fire quickly. Recently, this reporter received complaints from readers 50 Fen times, now more and more difficult to buy a pack of sanhuangpian, is it true? This reporter conducted unannounced visits, the results, in the city near the library ran for 5 convenience stores, except the last one is 8 cents a pack, the other 4 have said no goods. A strange phenomenon: when the reporter unannounced visits into the drugstore, ask if there is a salesman immediately said "sanhuangpian". And rushed to the customer to the next cabinet, took out a box of exquisite packing boxes of Sanhuang tablets, ask a price of 16.8 yuan. "". Ask if there is 5 cents a pack, the salesman quickly down his face, a good attitude said: "temporarily out of stock, a point of the cold to the sentence:" sanhuangpian, this is the only one." Why pharmacies do not sell bagged sanhuangpian high quality and inexpensive? Mr. Tai engaged in a pharmacy industry for many years, insiders told reporters, this is not difficult to understand, although cheap drug demand is big, but the profit margins, earn only cents, many private pharmacies from profit considerations, generally reluctant to enter large inventories, accounting for the local money. But more importantly, income and performance drugstore sales, a few cents of drugs can not take a, naturally, salesman no enthusiasm. In the course of time, it formed a "strange phenomenon only sell the sanhuangpian". For because of the pursuit of interests caused by people not buy cheap drugs, Weiyang District CPPCC members suggested: "tiger Baishan should set up low-cost drugs at the pharmacy counter", to protect the vital interests of the people from the legal and industry access, so that people can afford to eat medicine. Of course, for the pharmacy’s own interests, the medical authorities can give subsidies from the policy, so that the best.

5毛钱一包的三黄片西安难买到 因占地方不赚钱记者 李安定 摄本报讯 (记者 李安定)五毛钱一包的三黄片,物美价廉,还下火快。可最近,本报记者多次接到读者投诉,现在五毛钱一包的三黄片越来越难买到了,是真的吗?记者对此进行了暗访,结果,在市图书馆附近连续跑了5家便民药店,除了最后一家是8毛钱一包之外,其他4家均表示没货。记者暗访中发现一个奇怪现象:当走进药店后,问有没有三黄片,推销员立即说“有”。并赶忙把顾客带到药柜旁,拿出一盒盒精致包装的盒装三黄片,一问价格,“16.8元”。问有没有5毛钱一包的,推销员很快沉下了脸,态度好一点的说:“暂时缺货”,差一点的则冷冰冰地一句:“三黄片,只有这一种。”为什么药店不卖物美价廉的袋装三黄片?一位从事药店行业多年的行内人士泰先生告诉记者说,这个不难理解,低价药虽然需求量大,但利润薄,只赚分分钱,许多私营药店从利润考虑,一般不愿意进大量存货,占地方不赚钱。而且更重要的是,药店销售员的收入与业绩挂钩,几毛钱的药拿不了多少提成,自然而然,推销员就没了积极性。久而久之,就形成了只卖高价三黄片的“怪现象”。针对因为追求利益而人为造成买不到低价药的情况,未央区的政协委员白山虎提议:应该在药店设立“低价药专柜”,从法律及行业准入上保障老百姓的切身利益,让老百姓吃得起药。当然,对于药店的自身利益,医药主管部门是否可以从政策上给予补贴,这样就最好了。相关的主题文章: