27 list of the world’s top universities in China, 2016 face gossip

27 of the world’s leading subject list change entrance consultant 2016 China University: transition or eliminated click on the application of college entrance examination planning industry summit prize survey: take dad mom into the buddies in college entrance examination of college entrance examination industry summit held in November, the college entrance examination process planning industry summit independent recruitment of various disciplines contest requirements summary cover letter writing 8 the test for taboo what major admission points ranking key professional education colleges recommend Sina News on October 31, 2016, Ai Ruishen China alumni network officially released the "discipline evaluation report" 2016 China University report released the latest 2016 China university discipline list, 2016 China university rankings and 2016 first-class disciplines China University ESI the world’s top 1% rankings and other disciplines list. The report shows that China’s comprehensive strength and discipline of the University’s competitiveness steadily rising, there are 27 disciplines selected world-class. The 50 subjects selected the world first-class disciplines, among the 2016 disciplines by China queue. Peking University (scores, professional settings) in 11 subjects by China won the 2016 disciplines, 2016 ranks Chinese university discipline charts; Tsinghua University (scores, professional settings) second, third China University Academy of Sciences, Renmin University of China (fractional line, professional setting) fourth, Fudan University fifth. The concern is that there are a total of 745 subjects from 187 universities ranked among the top 1% global ESI subjects, 63 subjects from 34 universities ranked among the top 1 global ESI%; the best performance of Peking University, 21 of the world’s top 1% disciplines, 6 global top 1 subjects per thousand. In 2016 27 of the world’s leading university Chinese course list subject name name name name of the school school subject in law science Renmin University of China geology Nanjing University law of Marx’s theory of science Renmin University of China chemical Chinese Academy of Sciences Engineering College of materials science and engineering China Academy of science of chemistry Peking University faculty of materials science and engineering Tsinghua University Science Academy of mathematics Chinese University of Engineering Science and technology of Surveying and Mapping Science Wuhan University mathematics Peking University Marine Engineering Science Shanghai Jiao Tong University physics China Academy of Engineering College of nuclear science and technology Tsinghua University School of physics University of Science & Technology China, computer science and technology Tsinghua University School of physics Peking University engineering calculation Computer science and technology of national defense science and Technology University history China history Peking University engineering control science and engineering Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University (crop science scores, professional settings) engineering of mining engineering China University of Mining and Technology literature Chinese language and literature Peking University hydraulic engineering Hohai University Medical Pharmacy Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Metallurgical Engineering Central South University Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (traditional Chinese medicine scores, science majors) China to geology.相关的主题文章: