24th Kaalsarpyog Shanti Yagya Will Be Held On 28th Nov 2010-replays.net

If Kaalsarp dosh formed in your horoscope, So remove your dosh on Occasion Of KAAL Bhairav Ashtami because the time of KAAL Bhairav Ashtami is the most valuable to remove kaalsarp dosh by yagya & poojen. NAVNAG ABISHEK & KAAL SARP YOG SHANTI YAGYA can be solve all the above problems related kaalsarp yoga . If you are suffering from Kaalsarp yog ,Guru Chandal yoga or Grahen yoga and want to do YAGYA. Then u call me on my Ashram contact number Directley not sent me email .Guruji is busy in his worship & sadhana due this not poosiabel to write ur query reply on ur mail so if u want to ask any query regarding to ur kaalsarpyog then u have to call & Discuess with Guruji about ur problem. (Registration Starts on 18th SEP 2010 & Closed on 11th NOV 2010) A great 24th NavNag Abisheka & Kaalsarp Dosh Shanti mahayagya held on occasion of KAAL Bhairav Ashtami AT 16th NOV 2010 At KAA VINASHNI KALI DHAAM,LUCKNOW. You can also do your Kaalsarp dosh remedy yagya with Shri Guru Maharaaj ji stay at your home. know about more how to do remove ur kaal sarp yoga stay at ur home with guru maharaaj then u call know about process call me . For Sankalp Of Poojan (worship) and Yagya know full process u call me directly on my ashram cell no After then mahayagya poojen u will get sonly at ur home Siddh Kaalsarp dosh nivaran Yantra for pocket, Shri rahu & ketu siddh yantra ,kaal sarp yog mukti Kavach,Maa Dhoomavati & Maa Chinnmasta mahavidhya siddh yantra(which is the godess of Rahu & Ketu),kaal sarp dosh nivran Locket. Specially Nav Nag Raksha mala According to your name, Which is also effective to remove kaalsarp Dosh. (Please contact and reserve your place As soon As possible at this golden time of Maha ashtami Navratri to remove ur kaal sarp dosha because last date of sankalp is 6th Oct 2010). Kaal sarpyog shanti process wil be Total 18th Days so u take ur Sankalpa for Guru maharaaj before 18th Dyas on 6th Nov 2010 then u have to particapte this kaalsarpyog shanty yagya.If you want to come at KAAL VINASHNI KALI DHAAM to do YAGYA with your family then youre most welcome. Best Regards GURU MAHARAAJ Shri Shri 1008 Mahakaal Trikalanand Saraswati ji Gurumaharaaj Shri Dus Mahavidhya & Maa kamakhya sadhak Kaal vinashni kali Dhaam (A Place Of Kaalsarp dosh Remedy) Sitapur road Jankipuram Extension ,LUCKNOW ,U.P INDIA Phone: +91 9889188666,+919044023554,7275016000 ,9793834666, For more detail login website- .www.shridusmahavidhya.com .sites.google.com/site/shridusmahavidhyasadhakpariwar .www.kaalsarpyogshanti.com .sites.google.com/site/shridusmahavidhyasadhak/, .sites.google.com/site/shridusmahavidhyasadhakpariwar/, .sites.google.com/site/blackmagicandspellsremedy/, .sites.google.com/site/blackmagicremovel/ .sites.google.com/site/kaalsarpyog .sites.google.com/site/kaalsarpyoggurumaharaajj .www.kaalsarpyog.com http;//www.kaalsarpyog-gurumaharaaj.net .shrigurumaharaaj.webs.com .www.kaalsarp-dosh.webs.com .www.kaalsarpyog.webs.com .sites.google.com/site/gurumaharaajsadhak/ .sites.google.com/site/shridusmahavidhyasadhak/ .sites.google.com/site/gurumaharaajsadhak/ .sites.google../site/dasmahavidyagurumaharaaj/ Contact person- Shri Shri 108 Avdhootanand saraswati ji maharaaj (Maa baglamukhi & Black Magic removal sadhak ) Dont mail me ur any query if u want to get any astro or above yagya related any query, ur problem resolution or detail above yagya process please call me directly on my ashram cell number.) 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