2016 Baidu hot search list after the love of the two dimensional B station and Taobao pr011.msi

The 2016 annual Baidu hot search list: 00 love two dimension B station and Taobao announced Baidu hot search list 2016 Baidu today released 2016 annual report of the search, including "the annual hot search list", "annual entertainment list" and "annual phenomenon list" three big list. Which contains the ten major international events, the top ten words, the words of the "big ten", "the focus of the world", "the top ten people", "the top of the world", "the top ten people", "the top of the world", "the top ten social expressions" and so on. From many fields of politics, society, sports, entertainment and culture, for the panoramic display of a "2016 figure of Chinese life". Baidu said, Baidu integrated the 1 billion 600 million people in the boiling point list from January to November this year, a number of products using Baidu ranking, Baidu information flow, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu, Baidu, Baidu music mobile phone assistant, Baidu mobile phone input method and other basic data, showing in the past year, and the vast majority of Internet users in 2016 the passions of Chinese people. The list shows that the ten major international events and the domestic events, the South China Sea arbitration case, the U.S. general election, the national college entrance examination in, Wuhan, the National People’s attention caused by the massive flooding, high search volume. Ten major events in science and technology, virtual reality (VR) to win the first time to detect gravitational waves, topped the list. 2016 is the Olympic year, the Olympic Games in Rio in ten keywords list, and soaring house prices, license-plate lottery, replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) and vaccine safety, fully liberalized settled restrictions, artificial intelligence, Internet banking, anti-corruption, comprehensive two children, is a reflection of society, economy, science and technology in 2016 China development focus. Surprisingly, the thin blue letinous edodes beat the field force to become the ten largest annual catchword of the first. Song Zhongji, Baoqiang Wang, Papi sauce, Zhang Jike, and so became the ten focus of the figure of the people of the world, such as. National favorite star ranking also changed slightly. Wallace Huo, Ma Tianyu, Huang Zitao beat Luhan flow niche become ten hot search male artist first; female artist, has just won the Golden Eagle goddess Zhao Liying won the championship, Zheng Shuang, Yang Mi, Queen of more than Angelababy and other topics, ranked first. Pride and sadness happen at the same time this year. In the ten national pride list, the successful launch of Shenzhou eleven, women’s volleyball gold medal, G20 China reversed the success of Hangzhou and other events triggered people proud mood; in ten tears of the list, Ali, Qiao Renliang, Yang Jiang three people died, the people touched tears, sad. The ten annual CP list, the highlights are frequent, in addition to the Ruby Lin star like Wallace Huo CP, Guo Degang, Chinese yuho drops the acquisition of technology, entertainment and other enemies of Cao Yunjin and hot issues, but also because of love to kill the past, Yongdeng ten annual CP list. This year, 00 fully reached the Internet, and shows the different characteristics and 80, 90. The list shows that 00 are most concerned about the BiliBili and Taobao; 90 are more concerned about Iqiyi and Taobao; 80 is keen to socialize, most concerned about the WeChat web version. The following is the 2016 Baidu boiling list: 1 hot search list: people are most concerned about the South China Sea arbitration, VR, Rio Olympics, blue thin letinous edodes, Song Zhongji’s top ten international events.相关的主题文章: