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Computers-and-Technology The way to your business success goes through how well you manage and administer your business and how good you are at understanding your client or customer requirements. The competition out there in the corporate sector is so tough that youcant even take a single flick against your goals. The world out there is waiting when you take a wrong move and they over power you. This is the story of every business professional. Gaining profits in the end is the ultimate goal. But this requires a thorough planning and support from a IT consultant or a decision support systems. You need business intelligence tools that could help you convert data into a meaningful and practicable information. Lets take the example of consumer data- this is an important data that any firm would require to perform multiple functions. A firm may need this to formulate their product or service strategy- to see which section of the population is seeking interest in what kind of products and can also frame the consumer services profile to ensure maximum sale goals being achieved. The firm may also need the IT service support to dispense the data over different domains so that the business professionals find it easy to access and the business proceedings are carried on smoothly. A business professional may also need an integrated decision support systems to review and over lay complex data results and formulate strategies accordingly. This is a comprehensive way make business proceedings go smoothly. With the data dispensed over multiple domains, it becomes easy to have un restricted accessibility and ensure that the business processes are moving on smoothly. But still some errors may occur and there is need to see that every that is planned is well managed and implemented as well. Its the data that drives the business decisions and it can make a huge difference with your business proceedings. It can make a huge difference with the with sales and service efforts. Emerging trends in ontological technology and ontological engineering can help you reduce the issue of poor data integration and allow you make easy and unhindered data sharing. With this the data processing becomes easy and quick and the business performance can be enhanced. The major advantage of these ontological engineering concepts is that these can be customized in accordance to a particular requirement and can be adapted to suit any integrated decision support system. An empirical ontological engineering can ease the ontological construction process under specific conditions. A better representation of the domain, speed up of the research process, integration of the different users and calculated risk evaluation with the help of integrated decision support system will do a lot for your business enhancement. In the end the reliability of the support provider remains the prominent issue. Ontological engineering can be miraculous with your business or on the other hand can be completely ineffectual. So it is necessary that you hire a eminent service provider like Terra Frame. For more details and service information you can log onto: www.terraframe.com 相关的主题文章:

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Techniques For Sustaining A Structurally Seem Roofing By: Margarita Tan | Feb 23rd 2016 – Roof Structure Suggestions You Could Start Employing Today By: Vonnie Buchanan | Jan 10th 2016 – Painting Garage Doorways Protects The Expense By: Mohammed Huxham | Oct 27th 2015 – I began on the end with the most things sticking out of the roof, just to get it carried out with quicker. Whilst one might pay attention to the professional, simple suggestions from these Joes may really be helpful as well. Stop by my blog post – Roof Replacement In Woodbridge Tags: Roof Repair Troubleshooting By: Mohammed Huxham | Aug 17th 2015 – In an infinity pool, 1 or two finishes are developed with a basin instead of a wall. Go in for a splendid steel roof and stay assured, that it can very well final for a lifetime! Just do your study prior to switching to metal. My web site roofing supply Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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Press-Releases RIVERVIEW, MI-Dr. Mehul Patel, Riverview dentist, is excited to announce a promotion to help drive new patients to his practice. When new patients come to his practice, he is offering a free take-home whitening kit as a thank you for trying South Shore Dental. Dr. Patel, Trenton dentist, believes that once the new patients experience all South Shore Dental has to offer, they will continue to come back for years to come. "We are very happy to offer this great deal to our new patients. I am very proud of the services we provide here and I am certain that all of our new patients will be more than satisfied. We’re looking forward to meeting any new patients that decide to give us a try," said Dr. Patel, dentist in Woodhaven. Take-home whitening kits can be very effective for fixing stained or discolored teeth. Brownstown cosmetic dentist, Dr. Patel, will custom fit a set of trays based on molds of the patient’s teeth. The trays will then be filled with the whitening solution. After about two weeks of use for just one hour a day, there will be a significant difference in the color of the patient’s teeth. Many people wish they could fix their own discolored or stained teeth, but teeth whitening procedures can get to be very pricey. The free offer for teeth whitening that this Riverview dentist is having is a great way to get whiter teeth without breaking the bank. After the initial appointment and teeth whitening, Dr. Patel and his staff will be able to help with any other dental need that comes up. Dr. Patel constantly participates in continuing education programs to make sure he remains on the forefront of dentistry and best able to serve his patients. Please contact South Shore Dental today to schedule an appointment or for more information. About Dr. Mehul Patel: Dr. Mehul Patel has been enjoying his life as a dentist since he graduated from Dental School at the University of Michigan. This Woodhaven dentist and his practice offers a variety of services including: crowns, cosmetic fillings, veneers, teeth whitening, root canal therapy, dentures and many other services to fit any patient need. Media Contact: South Shore Dental [email protected] [dot]com 14500 King Road Riverview, MI 48192 (734) 479-1340 ..southshoredentist[dot]. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Food-and-Drink Of the many things that we remember about our childhood that probably had a lot to do with molding us as grownups, somethings good and somethings not so good. This story is about one of those good memories, a memory of my maternal grandmother and her jam and jelly making as we were growing up. My grandparents lived on a large sloping hill their house being at the top with a front yard that was not only big, but it sloped downhill for what seemed like forever. This front yard was all well kept green grass, thanks to Grandpa, so we spent many of hours as kids rolling down that hill only to run back up it to roll down it again until we were wore out, then we would just lay there in the cool grass enjoying the afternoon. Granma’s back yard had the biggest garden that I have seen even as an adult I haven’t seen one quite as big, to tell the truth if it was any bigger it could have been considered a farmer’s field. Growing in this very large garden of my grandmothers was a raspberry patch that ran full the length of the longest part of the garden the raspberry bushes were taller than we were, and next to the raspberry patch was a strawberry patch that was just as long filled with juicy strawberries every spring. When spring came every year us kids would spend a day or two picking strawberries for Grandma so she could take them and turn them into jam. Then when the beginings of summer brought us ripe raspberries we would again be out in Grandma’s garden picking raspberries, trying not to scratch up our hands and arms to badly. As we finished picking the fruit, which as kids seemed like all day sometimes, Grandma would take the fresh picked fruit into the house and have us help wash it all up and pick out the bad fruit. While we were doing that Grandma would be starting to cook down the first batches of jam, she usually had two or three pots going at a time just to keep up wth us. It didn’t take long before Grandma would be pouring the hot jam or jelly into the jars that she had sitting on her very long counter. We would sit there watching and enjoying the aroma of the hot jams and wondering if anyone else had such an amazing Grandma that could do the things she did. What was great about Grandma’s jams is that we all knew that they couldn’t have been made any fresher than what they were because we knew that the fruits were .ing straight from the garden and right into the jam jars within hours. It helped also knowing that our own efforts had helped with the making of them To seal the jam and jelly jars back then quite a few people still used parafin wax to seal the tops, now days that proceedure is considered unsafe by todays health standards. But never the less we as kids thought it was so cool to watch Grandma pour the hot wax into the jars full of Jam or Jelly and to see the wax .e to the top and turn to a white color as the jam and wax cooled. The best part of all of Grandma’s efforts was when we got to take home the jam we all helped carry out the jam to the car as Mom would be holloring at us to be careful not to carry to many jars at a time and that she would kill us if we dropped one. In hearing our Mom get after us you would have thought we were carrying something much more valuable and I guess you could say that jam was quite valuable to us as kids. As an adult I still see that value in our jam and jellies because now we make our own and we still make our jam and jelly just like Grandma did so long ago. Along with Grandma’s jams we also offer her banana bread and other sweet breads that she made over the years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Arts-and-Entertainment Little black dresses, flirted evening gowns, home.ing gowns and cute cocktail dresses with one shoulder style will be amazing. Let your flowers of choice accent the beautiful gown. Necklines include a simple uneck, sexy vneck or an elegant higher neckline. What financial help is available to foster parents? Medicaid is available for most children who are in care to take care of medical expenses/prescriptions. Parajumpers Jakke It just seems to me that people are looking to get offended and/or trying to cause problems over here where there are none. Evening Independent (Newspaper) April 6, 1974, Massillon, Ohio Cool rainy Fair cool tonight tow near 32 Chance of afternoon showers Sunday high in the 50s YEAR NO 234 THE EVENING INDEPENDENT Established 1863 40 heads of state at rites for Pompidou Massillon Ohio 44646 Saturday April 6 1974 Home Delivery 65 Cents a Week Todays Chuckle It isnt necessary for a man to have his face lifted If hes patient it will grow up through his hair IOC A COPY By MICHAEL GOLDSMITH PARIS AP Princes and presidents gathered under a broad French flag inside the Cathedral of Notre Dame today to pay solemn tribute to Georges Pompidou at a Requiem Mass At leat 40 countries were represented by their heads of state President Nixon one of the last to enter the church stood a short distance from Soviet President Nikolai V Podgorny A 96FOOTLONG tricolor Borne here on winds of tornado TWO DAUGHTERS of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Bolender of 1241 Borden ave Jill 3 and Julie 5 examine a photo their mother found in the backyard at their residence Thursday about 7 The photo shows a young girl leaning over a table to put her finger in the frosting of what appears to be a birthday cake and on the back of the photo is written Wendy birthday The handwriting slants to the left a trait usually attributed to Mrs Bolender wonders if the photo may have been picked up in areas raked by Thursday and in her It has been reported that canceled checks from the Xenia area rained from the sky Thursday in the Akron area Mrs Bolender gave the photo to The Evening Independent Independent Staff suspended from the vaults of the 13th century church marked off the pews reserved for the officials Ceremonial guards in dazzling brass helmets and white breeches stood attention along the walls as Francois Cardinal Marty Archbishop of Paris celebrated the mass Alain who as Senate president became interim president upon death headed the official mourners widow Claude did not attend the service More than 80 kings queens princes presidents or heads of government attended the service Other countries sent special representatives or ambassadors By contrast only family and cabinet attended funeral services Thursday at a small church near his apartment on Paris St He St Louis where the 62yearold president died Tuesday of cancer IN THE CROWD of mourners was Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka dressed in top See Page 10 Hoover Co moving into new plant THE HOOVER CO of North Canton has begun moving equipment into this new million manufacturing facility in the North Canton Industrial Park and production of some floor care items may begin there late this month The windup of landscaping and interior work is proceeding on schedule .pany officials said The 440by 600foot plant has square feet of floor space Prime contractor is the Co of Canton Lawrence Dykes Goodenberger and Bower of Canton was the architect Independent Staff Photo One guardsman dead one missing in Xenia XENIA AP At least one Ohio National Guardsman was dead and another was feared dead in the wake of a predawn blaze that swept through a store in Xenias tornado scarred downtown area Two other guardsmen received minor burns in the fire that broke out about 6 in a storm damaged furniture store officials said They were treated at a local hospital and released FIREMEN WERE hindered by smoke and heat in their attempts to search the debris for the body of a second trooper believed to have died in the blaze said Guard spokesman Steve Stone Were pretty certain hes in Stone said Names of the dead or missing men were not immediately released The Guard earlier reported the deaths of two troopers but the second death still was unconfirmed Stone said Stone said the men had been on duty in the area and apparently had taken shelter from freezing rains inside Cherrys Furniture Store The store had been converted to a relief center he said HE SAID the troopers must have noticed a fire inside the store gone to investigate and then were trapped by flames The whole place went up in a matter of Stone said No cause was given for the fire Witnesses said the fire shot flames six to eight stories high and speculated it might have been gas fed A spokesman for Dayton Local student I just missed in tornado By GREG GOLDSMITH I just missed Thats how Mary McLaurin of 115 2nd st SW a student at Central State University described her escape from a building at the university Wednesday night just before tornadoes raked the campus and heavily damaged the building she was in I was working at the technical education library that evening when the lights went she said I was working I hadnt heard about the tornado warning but when the lights went out I decided to leave WHEN I WENT outside I saw all the debris flying straight at me The tornado hit the building just after I left and the two people who were still inside were badly Miss McLaurin and Michael Robinson of 641 Fries st SE also a student at Central State described Friday their ordeal in Wednesdays tornadoes which left more than 30 persons dead in Xenia five miles away from the Central State campus at I was in my apartment watching Robinson said when I saw the warning I went outside looked up and saw this big black cloud shaped like a Robinson then described the next few minutes as the tornado passed overhead the powerful vacuum knocking UAL union reach accord WASHINGTON AP Negotiators for United Air Lines and the Machinists Union reached tentative agreement today on a new contract for mechanics and ground personnel less than an hour before a threatened walkout Details of the proposed contract were not disclosed pending a ratification vote by union members expected within a few days a spokesman for the National Mediation Service said Agreement was reached during the second straight all night bargaining session at the Mediation Service offices and came at mediator George Ives said windows from the apartment and slamming doors As I went down the hall the bag on a carpet sweeper burst when the vacuum hit us Actually the tornado sort of bounced over the apartments and headed for the campus My place wasnt as badly chewed up as the Robinson said AFTER THE tornado passed Robinson helped other students Chapin found guilty of lying to probers WASHINGTON AP Former White House aide Dwight L Chapin convicted of lying to a federal grand jury investigating political espionage vows to continue to fight for my A federal district court jury of seven men and five women on Friday found the 33yearold former appointments secretary to President Nixon guilty of two counts of perjury and innocent on a third THE MAXIMUM penalty on each of the two counts is five years in prison and a fine of District Judge Gerhard A Gesell set sentencing for May 15 and invited Chapin to submit all the information about yourself before then He remains free without bond Obviously I am very Chapin told newsmen while his wife Susan stood by his side I am going to continue to fight for my innocence On the day I was indicted I went out on my front lawn and said I was innocent I intend to fight this See CHAPIN Page 10 and rescuers in the search for survivors Both Robinson and Miss McLaurin were active in the rescue efforts and described the attitude of the students It was she said Everybody helped everybody else arid that saved lives Everybody got together to figure out who was missing I went to the hospital to find a friend who had gone in sick She had been asleep but was awakened by the sound of falling trees near the hospital When we saw the damage to the campus we were both pretty hysterical and she nearly Miss McLaurin and her friend spent the night on the floor of a dormitory basement Candles provided their only light because the wind had downed all the power lines With all .munications cut See CENTRAL 10 Power and Light however said the section had been with out gas since late Wednesday when a tornado leveled half the city and left more than 30 persons dead About 600 guardsmen have been helping cleanup crews and guarding against looters THE MEN were members of the 178th Tactical Fighter Squadron from Springfield Ohio Stone said The injured guardsmen were identified as Lt Forzono of Fairborn and Staff Sgt William Wolfe whose hometown was not immediately known Woman found slain in Stark Stark County sheriffs deputies today were investigating the apparent slaying of an unidentified woman whose body was found in the basement of a Lake Township residence Preliminary investigation by Dr G S Shaheen Stark County coroner indicates that the woman died of a gunshot wound of the head No gun was found at the scene deputies said THE HOUSE is at 13066 Kreighbaum rd NW near Uniontown The owner of the house a truck driver was located today in Albany and is not believed to have been involved in the shooting A suspect was being sought in the Summit County area Sheriff George Papadopulos said deputies believe the womans first name was Stella and that she was from Summit County He asked anyone having information about the shooting or about the womans identity to contact the sheriffs office The woman is white and in her early 30s Stark deputies were notified of the shooting by police in a neighboring .munity at this morning The woman was taken to Aultman Hospital in Canton where she was pronounced dead on arrival Palm Sunday services Palm Sunday .memorating Christs entry into Jerusalem will be celebrated in Massillon and area churches with special services Sunday The hours and details of these services will be found on Pages 6 7 and 9 Where to find Churches 21 3 Dear Jeane Dixon 15 4 14 The Home 5 Movies 16 Society 8 1112 16 Weather Report 2 In.e Tax Lewis Misheff 8320406 TALLEYS Agatha Brooke tonight and Sunday TONIGHT Barbershop Quartets Longfellow Jr High 8 Tickets at the door TEEN SPRING FLING Ages 12 to 18 Tour of Ohio April 11 Paradise Travel 8373545 Paper Drive benefit Massillon gymnastics YMCA parking lot April 6 7 8 Pickup service 8336014 DOCS On all lawn garden equipment Register for big giveaways at the Home Show or store No obligation 12704 Lincoln W WE STACK UP WELL in quality of material work and reasonable prices when .pared to others Floor Co 9081ststNE 8373767 8373365 1968 CHEVROLET IMP ALA All power 275 engine or best offer Dial 8330074 MARS CHICKEN CARRYOUT 302 3rd NW 8321525 THE STATE BANK CO Bank Loans for every personal need at bank rates Call us for low motorcycle rates JENKINS INSURANCE Dial 8327449 DENNIS BICKFORD And the Country Sensations at Irenes on old 21 Music Fri Sat 10 2 OPEN MON BEST DAILY DINNER SPECIALS BETTER BREAKFAST SPECIALS CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY FRANKS REST PERRY HEIGHTS TO SETTLE ESTATE Household items many antiques new furniture kitchen items good 1416 Sunday 26 Tuesday 26 1439 Walnut rd SE T R RIVERA PAINTING Interior and Exterior 8324943 SCHULERS SEAMLESS SPOUTING INC VINYL AND ALUMINUM SIDING 8330306 Two choice lots Rose Hill Cemetery Located at tower Dial 8320523 TONIGHT Barbershop Quartets 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Burroughs 220 .puter a behavior analysis of each leaders reactions to events and a rating of how in tense that a reaction was Tobacco Patch Cures Yank Of Homesickness MILTON Ky Rog er Poland stationed in England with the U S Air Force became homesick after his first six months He remedied having friends the situation by here mail him Most Parents Just Want Some Peace And Quiet For Christmas By PATRICIA McCORMACK USA Listen Santa and you shall hear about the needs of wornout dears parents All we want for Christmas is some peace and Give us for example a cookie jar with a lid that doesnt smash alarm goes of getting up two hours ahead of time every morning prop off some Kentucky burley tobacco seeds Recently he harvested a rich crop of yellow leaf from his garden Its just like home Poland wrote And theres no acreage and his coworkers fed quotas to y when it crashes n I Then the cookie operate without to the floor The .puter .bines the judgements of the different ex perls working independently of each other and produces a . plicated numerical pattern This NOVATO Calif AP ward Ed dog had been sick So he put an electric pad in the doghouse underneath the carport the daytoday variations in in tensions North says reactions to diplomatic moves could be predicted before moves are made with a degree of scientific accuracy by tryout plotting on the international ten sion chart i Satchell saved his car and the dog was unharmed But the blaze caused damage snatchers detection lach to the telephone Then we wont hear the thing ring after were gone to bed Encourage someone to invent a pill to help the offspring break the getting thirsty in the middle of can and keep our nerves from be.ing taut as a violin string Leave us the hyp course so we can convince the dog he should snooze until the Kentucky Boasts Lincoln Shrines FRANKFORT Ky shrines in Kentucky stand in memory of its son Abraham Lin coln At Hodgenville is the cabin where he was born Near Ather tonville is the cabin where he lived as a youth Near Springfield is the cabin of his grandfather At Harrodsburg is the cabin which his parents married a silencer we can at Find us a control system mak ing it impossible for the televi sion radio and phonograph to blast full tilt when the children entertain Help the darlings by the way to get with us understanding that they dont have to do what all the kids do We got hoarse so many times last year telling them that we dont dig the bit about keeping up with all tli kids Deliver us from the picking at our child raising tec niques And dont let us lean tc much on the shelf of of conflicting merits Our .mon sense isn loo bad As Christmas nears help us t teach the offspring the good peace And le s get across the idea that Christ is more than getting gifts is with hose less fortunate Give us time between now and to help the children raw up a gift list for the chil ren who have prac cally nothing at all few dollars saved from allowances can be tucked into a note to a local childrens center orphanage hospital or aid society One dollar buys mit tens f About the Author: 相关的主题文章: